Essential Ideas for Parents

Published 2012-07-13
Dr. Russell Barkely discusses ideas for parents of children with ADHD

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  • Brandy Stewart
    I am ADD, my daughter is ADHD. The doctor's words hit me like a ton of anvils falling on my head... I am feeding into my own daughters ADHD by way of my ADD. I have never in my life heard of this doctor and I am very sad that he was not part of my life as child. I am going to have my daughter sit and watch his videos together; at her pace, nice slow and comfortable. This man is brilliant; in my eyes he is the Einstein of the ADD psychology world!!
  • Reza Moghadam
    This man is irreplaceable. He has informed my practice in managing ADHD so well that I cannot thank him enough.
  • Kevin Huynh
    ADHD in a nutshell: You know what to do, when to do and how to do things but you cannot DO it. And you know that you can do it but at the same time you also know that you cannot do it. I think only ADHD sufferers understand what I'm saying.
  • Lydia Cerise
    time stamps for my mom;
    know the disorder 1:28
    what is it that is delayed 4:58
    adhd and relationships 13:05
    Failing to Develop on Schedule 16:16
    3 executive deficits 21:13
    self regulation disorder 23:41
    The ADHD Model 25:47
    self control 28:12
    self motivation 32:51
    recap of 5 delays 36:00
    sct vs adhd 43:11
    ADHD and causation 51:56
    brain and its regions 55:13
    adhd genes regulate dopeamine 1:02:30
    adhd isnt caused by 1:08:36
    Important ADHD Insights (time blindness) 1:10:53
    what to do about this disorder 1:18:18
    increase accountability 1:22:10
    bmod for adhd 1:23:50
    Managing and Accommodating ADHD 1:27:53
    ero time management 1:32:53
    mental play 1:35:10
    Results of Untreated ADHD 1:38:25
    how far behind 1:43:17
    4 components of treatment 1:47:31
    Taking Charge of ADHD 1:50:13
    shepard not engineer 1:59:02
    needs to be made accountable 2:06:00
    transitioning across activities 2:10:44
    ADHD and Medication for Children 2:14:14
    drug abuse 2:24:26
    families of disabled children 2:33:06
    Q and A 2:39:15
  • Sam_I_Am
    This video not only educated me more about mine and my son's disorder, but it brought me to tears. He validated everything I've experienced. I immediately applied the skills to help my son more and saw a difference right away.
  • Janet0728
    This is excellent and I believe all teachers should be required to watch it.
  • tericuppajava
    For some odd reason, it really helps when Barkely explains ADHD. I've had symptoms from very early on, and am now dealing with it as an adult. I always feel like I am "less than" compared to others. 

    I'm the 40-something year old who gets in a good mood and starts making stupid jokes and laughing. Then, I feel just fine dancing in the store, saying stupid things, etc. My family is embarrassed by me. My family being embarrassed by me makes me feel terrible about myself, and like even my family can't stand being around me. They think I'm immature. I hope I mature at some point, so I can be up to the standards of the general public, and my family. 

    Not paying attention isn't such a horrible thing (besides driving) most of the time. I'll admit to having a car accident at least once per year when not medicated - all my fault,  but I can't really explain how they happened. I didn't see the stop sign. I honestly didn't see it. etc. I do pay attention, though. I pay attention to more than most people. The problem is that I pay attention to whatever I notice - which is a lot of things at once. 

    I often times just blame myself for not being able to just BE NORMAL. I just want to remember things, remember what I had volunteered to do, remember what the boss told me to do, or at least try to remember. I want to finish things. I want to get the kitchen cleaned - to get something done - to finish.... just finish something. 

    The only thing that helps is a pill. I want to be normal without a pill. I want to just BE normal. It pisses me off that I can't figure out how - everybody else does. 

    I take medicine so that people like me, and so that I like myself. Without it, life isn't worth living anymore. Don't worry.... I would never take my own life. I'm aware that I could never actually finish, so I would only be half dead. 
  • Mark Allman
    As someone who grew up afflicted with t his condition, it brings tears to my eyes to watch this man's lectures, as they remind me of so much of the difficulty I had growing up, which to this day cause me trouble.
  • shmeek07
    this presentation opened my eyes to the fact that I can stop blaming myself for my child's ADHD. now I can get on with helping him cope.
  • Katie Burgess
    I cannot stop watching. As an adult with ADHD (who didn't think I had it anymore because the hyperactivity has gone), a parent of the most amazing child with ADHD and as a teacher I cannot tell you how much your work means to me, Dr Barkley. I am only just beginning to discover your work and I cannot stop sharing with my support group etc. The removal of judgement and shame. So many things I thought but I did not have the science to back it up- eg. visual working memory, breaking things down into much smaller steps, executive age etc. Even just this weekend at a post-graduate course people were saying how ADHD is bad parenting. If only I could have shown them this video! I cannot say THANK YOU enough. You have changed my life and as I share and teach differently I'm sure you will change many more through giving me knowledge.
  • Ben Dover
    Dr.Russell is one of the best people I have ever seen describe ADHD. I have it and so does my son. It can be a life of thinking you are wierd or strange. I have learnt to cope, teaching my son to cope is hard. I would not wish this on anyone. Knowledge is power and understanding why our brains work a certain way does help. Medication helps alot too.
  • Nicole Little
    I have ADHD so I had to save this to my watch list and watch in chunks while taking notes and doodling. Thank you so much for posting this as free content. I can't imagine how many families and individuals you have helped.
  • Saphia
    As someone who has not been evaluated for ADHD but relates to a lot of symptoms of primarily inattentive type ADHD/ with people with primarily inattentive type ADHD, I still felt like I 'didn't belong' because there were still some things I didn't relate to. However, when he mentioned SCT, I went to do a cursory google search on it as I've been doing with other disorders mentioned here and that's me. The things I didn't relate to with ADHD people, the problems I've always had with working slow, having a bit delayed understanding with things, my constant mental foggines, my difficulty with regulating sleep, everything makes sense with SCT. I'm not exaggerating when I say I cried when I read that. This video I accidentally stumbled upon has been the best gift ever to me.
  • Patricia Ellis
    I have only watched 20 minutes and already feel this man understands my son better than anyone else has. He is now 29 and has not had the support in his adult life he has needed. People just think he's lazy and unmotivated. Even family. I always felt he was about 5 years behind at least. Maybe 10 even.
  • For anyone who needs to hear this, I got through nursing school with adhd, depression, anxiety and the emotional issues I had from trauma. Do not let people tell you that you are lying, that you are making it up, that you are lazy, that you are stupid, and annoying, and crazy... You are so much more then that. Show them! Because the people you surround yourself with should know enough about you to understand you and your problems, and be able to see through the reaction. If you are concerned you may have it, get help now. I waited way too long, I waited until I couldn't cope anymore and thats the problem with mental health today. Do research, learn about your brain so that you don't get stuck blaming yourself for your adhd.
  • JBFSchool
    I am constantly sending parents a link to this lecture. It is the BEST adhd video I've found for parents and patients. Everything rings completely true. I am a teacher and I have adhd.
  • Bill White II
    I would like to commend Dr. Barkley his insight and dedication to educating the masses of this disorder. I have never personally met him but some of the techniques explained has worked amazing. We have a 5 year old ADHD daughter and the most powerful part of this video was the friendship part found at about 13:00. I was in tears listening to that explanation!
  • Jake Stone
    Russel is definitely right about how much junk is out there. When I first started trying to find out about ADHD, I spent hours sifting through useless information before finding sources like this.
  • Jennifer Mercer
    Great video, great insight. I loved how personal and profound you were able to make this disorder, taking away the airy constructs and stigmas that are associated with ADHD. You really focused on the serious underlying deficits of this disorder without harping on the obvious lack of attention that many people think of with this disorder.
  • simpman
    I sent this guy a thank you note and he replied the same day. He is quite a remarkable human being and a good example for all mental health professionals to follow.