Australia meet Samoa in Rugby League World Cup final | Cazoo RLWC2021 Match Highlights

Published 2022-11-19

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  • Bernard Kaiau
    Congratulations Australia for winning the final and congratulations to Samoa for making us the Pacific Islands proud by making it to the finals.
  • Rebecca Krupp
    Congratulations to Australia 🇦🇺 on winning the final and kudos to the Samoa for making the Pacific Islands proud that you made it to the finals.

    This was my very first rugby game after watching American football for 50 yrs.
    Initially I thought it was chaos on the green. But as I watched it was so much more!

    It was choreographic passing and belly slides for the goals after that terrific tri setup!
    I am sorry I don't know the correct nomenclature for that tri setup but it was poetry in motion that even a Rugby newb like me could appreciate!

    It looks like I shall be a die hard Rugby for the next 50 yrs!
  • Albert Agua
    Congratulations Australia for winning the World Cup 3 X in a row and what an explosive performance by Toa Samoa in propelling themselves from a Tier 2 nation into the world cup grand final. A breath taking and envious performance by Toa Samoa ❤️👍👏
  • Avacado
    Congrats to Australia!
    But we're all so proud of you Toa! Well done for making it to the finals and proving our small island significant (:
  • Coltenn
    Can anyone else acknowledge that Isaah Yeo had missed only one tackle all world cup. Making 40+ tackles a game and managed to miss only one in 5 games is an achievement in itself. He deserves some recognition for his defense, true definition of unsung hero
  • Trinh ma
    I absolutely love Charlie, always going out of his way and doing everything he can to help people in any way possible whether it's with money, with a silly competition, a serious stream to promote exposure but still being silly to make people jus laugh, a charity stream or just something as simple as streaming to thousands of viewers every day making us all laugh and constantly putting smiles on her faces. I don't know about you guys but that sure does a lot for me thank you charlie, for just simply being new :]
  • As an Australian united fan I couldn’t of been more happy for a game like this to be held in one of the most iconic stadiums in the world
  • Rock Kid
    Congrats Australia! Saved their best performance for last and proved why they are the best in the world. Big props to Samoa for a brilliant tournament as well! They may not have won but the amount of publicity they have brought globally has really been a massive boost for the game. Can’t wait to see what they can do at the next world cup!
  • BERLIN 77
    Thank you boys that played part in every game of the tournament right up to the final. What an historic moment, couldn't be more proud of them! ♥️💯 SAMOA will acknowledge this.
  • Rita Mardi
    I couldnt be more prouder as a Pacific islander! Toa Samoa you have already paved the way to come this far making it to the final. Heads up and come back strong next time. Congratulations to Auz and God bless both team!
  • Keanu23
    Congratulations to australia but my hat goes off to samoa for putting themselves on the map. They truly deserved to be in the final and rightfully so. Amazing hardwork, well done!
  • Australia are deserving champions. No doubt. Congratulations and the greatest respect, however, to Samoa and to all of the Pacific Island nations for their passion for this great game!
  • Truong hieu
    Looking back on these videos 2 years later after techno has passed it puts a smile on my face on how he truly entertained us all.

    We miss you Techno. Rest in peace. We wish your family is recovering well
  • Wilma Hamill
    I'm rewatching all his videos now that he has passed and that ending just really hits different. "I'm free." The Great Potato War is what I believe is the ultimate display of Techno's true capacity in scary intelligence and shocking talent. His remarkable characteristics have made him so unique and embroidered in most everything minecraft by now. Mad respect. RIP :-O
  • Martyn Slinn
    Atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic, every neutral in the stadium was right behind Samoa, fantastic half time reception for schofield and his efforts for MND and hid friend Rob Burrows, the sun shine in Manchester for both teams.
  • Le mi
    Hope you guys are still enjoying the series! This episode means we're over halfway through it now!!
  • Ray Hoskin
    Toa Samoa has made us Samoans all over the world so proud 60-6 loss and four players out in their first game ,they made a huge turn around and made the quarter, the semis first time ever ,then beat England in making the final and got the silver medal for finishing second. History has been made so proud of the players faafetai lava manuia Toa Samoa manuia Samoa
  • Congrats to Australia far too strong. When they want to turn up no ones going to stop them. Well done to Samoa for making it to the final.
  • DariusZz66
    bravo à l'Australie ! les samoans peuvent être fiers de leur parcours, ils m'ont fait rêver ! merci aux deux équipes !