This FROST KIT Combo Is BROKEN... (Roblox Bedwars)

Published 2023-03-06

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  • @alricweng
    now do this with wind and max attack speed
  • @oof_tony
    the maxed out shield ability is better it does 40 damage to em armor and it gives u alot of shield
  • @tip69420
    Can’t even play bedwars without a pirate Davey flying like Superman💀
  • @AkPlayZRoblox
    You are literally the best yt. Keep up the good work... :)
  • Hey I hope you're having a great day, keep making videos I will always support you!
  • @bakon1210
    this is such a good video! the first time ive ever seen sticky being used by such an op kit lol
  • @torqjnky
    I’m not trying to be weird but I think his voice is calming.
  • @WhyNotMe77
    The one time you want Sticky enchantment and you get fire 3 before that 😂
  • @whoisax
    “he isn’t hacking, he just has a great gaming chair.”
  • @TGEPlays
    Another banger what can I say it's exactly nothing 😁😁
  • @yamenem
    dang another op combo another day has been made :D
  • @HypezMagic
    the kit combo that is broken is the nothing kit
  • @grandpa8877
    Static and critical hit is better for adetunde, adetunde attack tier 3 with static or critical hit is good
  • @newtwo9708
    New subscriber! Your content is entertaining :D
  • @splideexe9732
    man you don't know the time where adetunde can get frost crystals from diamond golem and Titan
    it was so god damn op bro..