Minecraft Hermitcraft :: A Tree to Remember

Published 2024-02-11
Minecraft time on the Hermitcraft Server Season 10 SMP Episode 2. Go to buyraycon.com/bdubs for 15% off your order, plus free shipping!

Today on the Hermitcraft Minecraft SMP, we do our best to survive and try to build a realistic looking tree.

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  • @jadondavid8272
    This editing makes it seem like bdubs is trying to recall a dream he had
  • @rowanrooks
    I kinda love when BDubs stops in the middle of a sentence to sleep and then continues speaking when he wakes up. The editing on those bits is very good.
  • @TiltedDolphin
    Bdubs: "Couple of redstoners out here acting like they're builders, trying to take my throne" Also Bdubs: "I'm the king of redstone, I taught Etho all he knows"
  • @syszee
    Now that’s a sponsor segment 😂 very funny mr dubs
  • I love the cinematic camera angle ...
    So calm and peaceful with music and little foggy effect
  • @SilentMeteorite
    4:15 "I can see them coming from a mile away" Donkey shows up out of nowhere that Bdubs did not see coming from a mile away
  • @Bubblesthewitch
    Mumbo “I’ll murder you but violating a contract is too far” Jumbo
  • I love it when creators say something like, "Ohh its a little messy, so don't laugh! And then show one of the most amazing creations known to man.
  • The sponsored segment by Bdubs felt like a loving father teaching someone about love and also a salesman trying to sell you some stuff at the same time.
  • @St.Genesius
    Consent: to give assent or approval

    Conscent: a smell that tries to get you to join a pyramid scheme
  • @johnbrill7909
    The peaceful cinematic bits are amazing glue that holds the episodes together. They are amazing.
  • @qraee
    14:07 “this is no threat”
    “He’ll be here in an hour” poor ren LOL
  • @jtswartz1672
    The life series treating Bdubs well with his paranoia lol
  • @cravdraa
    I was going to say, the tree looks like an oak.

    Hardwood trees come in two basic branch configurations. Alternate branches like the one you build where you, have branch and then move up a little and there's a branch on the other side.
    Then there's opposite, branches always grow in pairs. Maples and Ash trees are always opposites, so it gives them a distinctive look.
  • @YaBoiGabe31
    Editing Bdubs is on an ELITE level he can even predict the future before it's happened! 17:00 💛
  • @mikekelly1771
    Tree branch intervals are the same as lightning. Having trouble drawing a tree? Draw lightning, and then flip it upside down. It always looks good.
  • @johnhalberg6536
    "Here I will do a social dynamic for them to save my life."

    Whoever makes quote compilations please include this
  • @nicksavage567
    "I was chopping trees and then it hit me" - you need to be more careful when cutting trees then.
  • @lozzo11omg111
    I am in love with these cinematic shots, figers crossed they get sprinkled in throughout the season, but I'm still holding out hope for a sneeze cut!