the greatest comeback ever (animated short)

Published 2022-08-03

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  • E. Just E.
    Bro really said: Do you really want the homo bromo?
  • Fe3llin Gaming
    My best comeback is my dad was mad and said “the next thing you ask ima say no” and in an instant thought I said “are you tall” and the rest of my family just died of laughter
  • Glow
    This channel is the living form of “criminally underrated.”
  • MushMoon360
    Him: Yes

  • Mallory Riddle
    The “Pushing me around like uragsrtfbsdh” Really got me laughing lol
  • Wise dude
    Lmao, this reminded me of the time my brother said "hey mom I think I might donate like around a dollar to charity"
    And he doesn't have much money he spent it all andbeing the little sister I am I said "shouldn't charity donate to you?" My mom and dad were dying and my brother was pissed but also laughing
  • Maybe he was considering it 💀
    Edit: I got god and jesus in my comment section
  • L E
    Its weird hearing his voice without the vocoder
  • me having a single brain cell having an urge to say “Y-yes daddy~” lol
  • -[Çøçø]-
    "Neither of us wanted that to happen"

    Sure buddy..
  • Mangy
    Wow i couldve just done that instead of having to go through sh*t.
  • IPlayGames
    “If you accept the offer, the fist up your ass you must suffer.” - Master Oogway
  • Ginger T e a
    I’m so used to the filtered voice that I was like “oh is this a different person voicing?”
  • Sinjin
    Wait, did this JUST get uploaded? Dang, had no idea 'til I went to the comments section 😆 Also, you're right, that was the best comeback ever. 😂 "Never let them know your next move."

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