The ULTIMATE Gumball Iceberg Explained

Published 2023-01-06
Here lies the best Gumball Iceberg you'll ever see (until the movie).

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - About Iceberg Videos

0:58 - Section 1: Above The Ice (edited by @tooterp )
1:06 - Penball
3:00 - The Inquisition
4:43 - The Best (SJW Controversy)
7:02 - Gumball Clipshows
8:41 - The Puppets
10:09 - The Calarts Accusation
11:21 - The Transformation of Penny
13:06 - Gumball and Darwin's Voice Actors
15:20 - Breaking The Fourth Wall
16:40 - The Backgrounds Are Real Locations
17:51 - Guest Animations

19:49 - Section 2: The Tip Of The Iceberg (edited by @tooterp )
20:04 - Darwin's Real Name
22:19 - Season 1, 2, & 3's Art Style
23:47 - Junky Janker
25:02 - Carwin
26:59 - Gumball's Fear of Spiders
28:33 - Yuki and Nicole's Rivalry
30:17 - Summer of '83
31:46 - Flash Games
32:31 - Gumball's Real Name
33:45 - Alan and Carmen
35:16 - The Finale
36:43 - The Amazing Anime of Gumball

37:22 - Section 3: The Surface (edited by @RustyVT )
37:35 - FusionFall & Gumball
38:21 - Miss Simian and Principal Brown
40:22 - The Original Season Six Premiere
42:07 - LaserHeart and The Smooch
43:34 - The Cartoon Network Notebook
45:00 - Fat Gumball
46:01 - Leslie and Penny
47:34 - Principal Brown Isn't A Principal
48:51 - The Forest Of Doom
50:26 - Jamie Is The Coach's Daughter
51:56 - The Internet
54:02 - Carrie's Visibility
55:16 - The Babysitter

56:04 - Section 4: The Upper Body (edited by @RustyVT )
56:15 - Gumball Comics
56:53 - The Gumball Movie Tweets
58:12 - Darwin's Origin
59:47 - The Original Voice Actor for Gumball
1:00:34 - Gumball on Adult Swim
1:01:12 - Larry (and his jobs)
1:02:42 - The Rainbow Factory
1:04:46 - When Does Gumball Take Place?
1:05:51 - Creating Life
1:07:23 - Nicole and Her Parents
1:08:57 - Ocho's Relatives
1:10:42 - ELmore Stream-It & Elmore Plus
1:12:34 - Bobert and His kind

1:14:52 - Section 5: The Lower Body (edited by TIDES)
1:15:19 - Sluzzletag
1:17:19 - Richard Was A Blue Dog
1:18:25 - The Show References Real OCs
1:20:42 - Evil Turtle
1:22:06 - The Awesome Store
1:24:01 - Miracle Star
1:25:42 - Richard's Two Fathers
1:27:32 - Daisy The Donkey
1:30:56 - The Source of The World's Color
1:32:25 - Are Apps Sentient?
1:33:22 - Tina and Her Father's Theory
1:34:44 - The Watterson Family Star
1:36:55 - The Puppets and Tyler, The Creator
1:39:08 - Anti-Government Attack Attempt
1:41:03 - The Cage

1:42:59 - Section 6: The Iceberg Base (edited by Giovanna)
1:43:17 - Gumball's Perception of School
1:45:24 - The Mayor of Elmore
1:46:37 - Gumball DVDs
1:48:00 - Second Hot Dog Guy
1:50:07 - McDonlad's UK Promotion
1:51:00 - How To Ratatwang Your Panda
1:52:31 - Captain Punch
1:53:40 - Carball
1:54:37 - Reach For The Stars Chart
1:56:33 - Gary Hedges
1:58:21 - Fingerprint Criminal (was a student)
1:59:56 - Richwood High
2:02:02 - Gumball and Pibby Theory
2:03:29 - Chris Morris
2:05:17 - Alternate Themes

2:06:26 - Section 7: Below The Iceberg (edited by @ToonGrin )
2:06:43 - Richard's Twitter Account
2:07:43 - Gumball's Original Concept
2:08:33 - The Crew and The Skull's Deleted Scenes
2:10:06 - Early Reel
2:11:32 - Super Nintendo and Gumball
2:12:19 - Sussie's Actors
2:13:17 - Gumball (& Foster's Home, Adventure Time and Chowder) connection
2:14:58 - Chanax Inc
2:17:12 - The Online Hate of Richard Watterson
2:18:19 - Mr. And Mrs. Robinson's "arguments"
2:20:02 - The Helmet
2:21:48 - The Gumball UK Happy Meal Commercial
2:22:46 - William
2:24:46 - Gumball's Caption Gallery
2:25:31 - C.O.R.R.U.P.T.

2:27:29 - Section 8: The Deep Sea (edited by @ToonGrin )
2:27:38 - In-Character Anais Flicker Account
2:31:46 - Darwin's Royalty
2:32:44 - Gumrob (and Gumwin)
2:34:13 - The Not So Lovely Art of Nicole
2:35:09 - The Amazing Ride of Gumball
2:36:14 - Logan Grove's Navy Ties
2:36:49 - Scrapped Episodes
2:38:18 - Banana Barbara's Future Vision
2:39:59 - The Alpha Jay and Junky Janker (scrapped) Interview
2:41:02 - The Real Life Watterson Home Is Censored
2:41:43 - The Korean Promo
2:42:55 - The Butterfly Effect
2:43:58 - Juke
2:45:12 - Krupoch The Barbarian

2:45:46 - Section 9: The Darkest Depths (edited by @ToonGrin )
2:45:59 - Banned Episode (in Russia)
2:46:40 - The Grieving
2:47:56 - The Mirror
2:49:26 - The Joy Virus
2:51:24 - The Job
2:25:40 - The Banana Family Trapped In Time
2:53:34 - Dodj or Daar
2:55:21 - Mr. Robinson's Heart
2:58:29 - Rachel Wilson
3:00:37 - Gumball's DNA
3:01:57 - The Safety
3:05:52 - The Limit
3:07:46 - Sussie's Origin

3:08:35 - Section 10: The Bottom Of The Sea (edited by @ToonGrin )
3:08:54 - Banana Joe's Mutilation
3:10:38 - A Death In The Pepperoni Family
3:11:39 - The Downer
3:13:06 - Bath Salts Joke
3:13:53 - Milk Guy
3:15:16 - The Parasite
3:17:07 - Eating Their Own Kind
3:18:20 - Carrie and Her Father
3:20:10 - Guball's Fantastic Land
3:20:58 - Alan's Organs
3:22:11 - Watch Out Little Teddy
3:23:19 - The Saint
3:25:00 - The Petals
3:28:03 - Gumball's Final Destination
3:29:20 - Mrs. Robinson
3:30:58 - The Void

3:37:34 - A Bittersweet Conclusion

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  • @TheAlphaJayShow
    Apologies for the short video today.
    Timestamps in the description!
  • @maliaapel1693
    While yes, Richard does follow the 'dumb dad trope' I think he qualifies higher than other animated dads because of how you can tell he really cares about his kids. A lot of the other dads in that category are just flat out abusive (Homer to Bart, Peter to Meg, etc.) But Richard is just a dumb, well meaning guy and I think that's great.
  • As someone who's been a huge fan of gumball since it first aired, a 3 hour long iceberg for a show that I held near and dear to my heart will be an absolute treat for me to listen in the background
  • @sassyimps
    I admit I mainly used this video as earfood while I was drawing, so I'm not 100% certain you didn't mention this, but here's something I think should be on the iceberg: Filtered Characters
    To clarify, several characters, most notably Carrie and Mr. Corneille, have a visual filter applied over their character models. With Carrie, it's an anaglyph filter, and with Corneille, it's a pixellation filter. The reason why this is significant is that when the characters appear in photographs or on video, the filter disappears.
  • @samwill7259
    I think at this point you can officially claim the title of world's biggest Gumball fan
  • I think Nicole is the role model we all need in our lives. She's overworked to her core, and has to raise a very chaotic family, yet still powers through and remains a complete badass.
  • @gerardgarcia8501
    Fun Fact: Jacob Hopkins(2nd Gumball VA) is now a current anime voice actor nowadays, check the dub of To Your Eternity, his role as Fushi, he did very well
  • @shellyvision9693
    3:00:22 I actually have a theory of what really happened to Rachel. She was sent to the Void. The Clayton short may have said she just moved away to go to college but I’m certain that was a false memory planted into the minds of the Wilson family so they wouldn’t think about why Rachel is gone. How do I know this? Simple. In the episode “The Void” it’s shown that any photos with people who’ve been erased simply remove them from the photo. And in the episode “The Upload” a picture of the Wilson family is shown and the wall, and Rachel isn’t there. Why would Rachel be erased from her family photos if she simply went to college? Also, in “the Void”, Mr. Small says the saying “gone the way of the dodo” despite Dodos already being in the Void. He’d only know this saying if Dodos weren’t erased from everyone’s memory, thus proving that those who’ve been sent to the Void might not be erased from everyone’s memory.
  • @JustNekoBea
    First of all. New avatar is looking fantastic and second, you absolutely outdid yourself here making a 3 hour long video that is analytical and enriching all the way through. I am impressed by what I have just watched and while I enjoy all of your videos, this one in particular is exceptionally enjoyable and you clearly brought your A game. Keep up the good work.
  • @bloxycola3
    the fact that you can see the technology developing throughout the episodes brings the show to life. like how in the first episodes with flip phones and the recent ones with smart ones. the occasional 4th wall breaking is also always done right in a way so its not obnoxious but surprising. overall, i think we can agree that everyone who watched cartoon network appreciated gumball in a way, even of we didn't realise it. its the kind of show that gets a new meaning everytime you watch it while you grow up.
  • @orcastrike7750
    Something I’d add probably around the middle of the iceberg is Nicole blinding Mr. Rex. When we first see Mr. Rex’s face in The Fight, both of his eyes are unharmed and working. But in The Routine, where we finally see his whole body, one of his eyes is blind. This could imply that Nicole managed to blind Mr. Rex in that eye during their fight.

    Realistically it’s probably just a typical season 1 continuity error, but it’s cool to imagine it being otherwise.
  • @dontemorgan1517
    One of the best CN cartoons I've ever watch. This gives thoughts....Did The Void also effect the show since season 1 which gave them different looks in the next season in-universe?
  • @spence8507
    I missed these ones
    Junky Janker 23:47
    The Amazing Anime of Gumball 36:43
    Fusion fall 37:35
    The original voice actor for gumball 59:47
    Richard was a blue dog 1:17:19
    Tina and her father theory 1:33:22
    Gumball DVDs 1:46:37
    Fingerprint Criminal Student 1:58:21
    Alternate Themes 2:05:17
    2:08:33 The crew and the skull deleted scenes
    2:42:55 I remember Nicole also talking about the butterfly effect in the choices.
    2:46:40 there was also the episode where gumball went on the internet and started watching the grieving before it led to saxophone Chihuahua troll
    3:07:47 It wasn't until now that I realized that is why Sussy is the way she is.
    3:10:38 a ton of people know about this joke
    3:11:24 we actually saw Mrs. Robinson switch their babies name tag with another families. Then they proceeded beat the crap out of each other.
    3:13:06 bath salts joke don't remember this one or knew what bath salts were
    3:23:19 The Saint I had no idea they removed any of the photos
    3:27:29 I think he looks better than he did in the begininng
  • It would make sense for Gumball to take place around the 2000's because every episode showing young Gumball, Richard is wearing a shirt that is a riff on Nirvana along with a flannel shirt. Since that look really harkens back to the 90's, it would make a lot of sense for it to take place somewhere near 2009 maybe? (Trying to consider what point smart phones were developed)
  • Can’t believe this show is 10 years old, still remember when it first started. Very well done iceberg and video, down to memory lane. 🔥🔥🔥
  • @milktea6676
    As a HUGE tawog fan I do approve of this video
  • @AlokoShei
    It's kind of sad, if the movie doesn't come out it can be implied that Rob lost allowing the world to end and everyone falling into the void.

    Other than that, great video. If we keep the series alive hopefully that ending won't be canon.
  • @silu-o
    A multiple hour long Gumball video? This feels like RT60's videos on ranking every episode but not split in 2 parts, sounds like the perfect video for me
  • @davidmayoh3334
    Fun fact: in the episode, the compilations, they actually made an Easter egg about the grieving where it shows a warning about watching a teaser for it but it end up with with the saxophone chihuahua instead. It’s a neat little Easter egg tbh!