Nightcore - Believe I'm Leaving (Lyrics)

Published 2019-09-19

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  • Zack LeGend
    90% of my spotify playlist is from nightcore 🔥🔥💙
  • Gone Nameless
    No I'm not leaving until I've heard this song! 💖💖
  • Who Me?
    i love this nightcore
    it would be perfect for farewell party
    next month
    loved it 😘
    thank you chino
    keep the good work up
    love u💖💕💖
  • Cents
    Awesome nightcore Chino !! I love it<3<3
    Well done💖💖
  • DanJallen93
    i love this song so much. Love the artwork
  • Esha _n11
    Loved it as always
    Love you chino and keep up the better work
    And good luck on your next song ❤❤❤❤
  • MikasaEsTuKsa
    I love you'r nightcores (sorry for my bad english)
  • Emilia Norris
    I think I just found a new favotite song! Thank you so much for posting all this amazing music!! ^-^
  • Katie
    Love it, Keep up the great work, Chino<3
  • Well it wasn't on my list on things to do for today to cry but..... Dunno why but the song hit me right in the feels. Great job❤️❤️
  • Whataworld2c xxx
    Before I’m leaving, know how much I love Chino’s Nightcores. 💓
  • Ally Rosewood
    Chino's nightcore=10/10. You've created a place in my heart. SOrry for the late post. I woke up and I was lazy to open my phone up. ;w; KEep it up.