Pat Bev Fourth-Quarter Ejection | Inside Reacts to Suns Win Over Lakers | NBA on TNT

Published 2022-11-22
The Inside crew discusses Patrick Beverley’s fourth-quarter ejection and the Suns’ 115-105 win over the Lakers

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All Comments (21)
  • Torris Fairley
    Shaq: "I'm a bum with 4 rings, how many you got?"
    Chuck: "I got ,uh, none".
  • Dee Shan
    "You want to play with at least one guy like that...that doesn't have all his marbles" LOL Shaq 😂😂
  • WunderKid
    "Let me straight one more punch Lord !" Man Chuck never disappoints me 🤣🤣🤣
  • shortyi0
    Man, we need to see y'all more than once week. The whole cast, without y'all, there no basketball for me.
  • “Every time you saw Bill Laimbeer he was just getting punched in the face…that don’t mean you can fight.” 😂😂😂😂
  • Kevin Payton
    Shaq, Ernie, Kenny, and Chuck never disappoint. 😅😅
  • serkan canak
    Kudos to all players who got their teammates back. See how they are well remembered with all stars.
  • Randi Samuda
    "Come on mannnn, this dude begging for a 2 piece"chuck never disappoints 😂😂😂😂
  • Tyler H
    "You want 1 guy that doesn't have all his marbles, Pat Bev is that guy" Hilarious.
  • As a Timberwolves fan, I miss Pat Bev. The energy that dude brings is incredible.
  • When Zaza hit Russ in the face, knocked him down, and taunted him standing over him, none of Russ' OKC teammates came and stood up for him. Reaves was fouled and hit in the face, then Booker talked smack, then Ayton talked smack and walked up on him about to step over him right in front of the Laker bench. Pat Bev saw the whole disrespect play out and stood up for his brother, Reaves even repeatedly thanked him postgame. AD was there for Pat Bev when Ayton came back then all the Lakers assembled together. Good bonding and team building moment. As for the Suns, that's a team of fake tough guys led by Booker.
  • ryaninSartell
    I wish Pat Bev was bringing that passion and intensity here in Minnesota still.
  • Elvis Skiljan
    I love this Pat helping his teammates out man. Even tho Lakers aren't doing so good, u can tell these guys got love for each other in the locker room and what Pat did I respect it.
  • Fed Fernandez
    Booker and Ayton really doing that to an undrafted rookie 😂 and Pat Bev looking around after that push but no one wants smoke 🤣
  • Daniel Ocean
    “Nice push Pat”
    Shaq is so funny encouraging this lol
  • Hasan Muhammad
    What got me Anthony Davis standing there the whole time didn't even lend a hand to help the man up of the floor PB come over and put the smack down 🤣
  • forty inches
    This show is just AWESOME....! To the max..! I feel like I'm just sitting around a table shooting shyt with them.. Lol
  • Steve Jobs
    Lebron told he knew Pat was gonna do that 😂😂
  • aimson
    It sent an important message: 'don't abuse my teammate'. Ayton crossed the line by standing over Reeves after a foul (to the face), and he had to be put in check. I understand why Bev had to sacrifice himself. (I didn't like the push on Paul last year at all, to be clear.)
  • Mr. Know Nothing
    Tbh that was perfect for Pat Bev. AD is killing it, I don’t wanna see him get caught up and possibly suspended ending his monster streak 🔥