Hermitcraft 10: Episode 14 - MORE ORES!

Published 2024-04-19
Hermitcraft 10: Episode 14 - MORE ORES! Grian is back on the hermitcraft server, tried to beat scar at his own game! Time to get back to things!

#hermitcraft #minecraft

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  • @Glace_cakes
    I think everyone forgets how ore mountain came to be, that is scar being bedridden from an infection for a week. Dude worked a 9-5 on it
  • @Ash_2153
    "WhY DoeS EveRyTHiNg I TouCH BrEaK?" Flashback to Grian and Scar breaking Doc's machine
  • @the-pink-hacker
    Grian made the equivalent to a disappointing hollow chocolate bunny on Easter.
  • @AceUzumazi
    Scar:"Wow this is actually solid!" Grain:"SEE? SEE? Uh-oh!" The Uh-oh!
  • @levchenkodarya
    Etho: "I'm going to have my own mushroom farm." Grian: "Noooo..." Well, Grian can always just spent, like, 2 minutes in Etho's farm and then Canadian Kakashi will have no working mushroom farm anymore.
  • "Many podcasts were listened to, Many bits of knowledge went into my head and disappeared shortly there after" -Scar. Had me laughing so hard 🤣
  • @acerniss
    I love how every Hermit just subconsciously flew into Grain’s mouth
  • @spooked_glitch
    18:42 I love how Grian swoops in, absolutely annihilates Scar, drops that zinger of a line and then dips, real classy dude lmao
  • @Cinogard
    "not only does mine suck" I mean yeah fair "Its also hollow" OH- 💀
  • @melissaf5331
    "What is Ethos armor made of?" Plot. It's plot armor.
  • The First Rule of Redstone: Do Not Redstone On Livestream The Second Rule of Restone: Keep Grian far, FAR away from it, ESPECIALLY if he has a potat.
  • You cannot compare to the power of undeterred chronic illness and scars desire to remain productive whilst bedridden
  • @scrungo1589
    Grian's ore mountain is like when you try to write "Happy Birthday" on a card and start off strong but end up running out of space at the end
  • @AgainItsMeEri
    Welcome back to another episode of Grian has no diamonds and is in debt to Scar
  • @Amadeus_A
    It is said before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Grian would just see a compilation of everything he's ever broken.
  • @poisonedoak6563
    i suggest for the permit form competition, make stupid requirements like "get shot by hotguy" and "elytra flight while carrying this form will render it illegible and void"
  • @jackdog06
    Grian, as a computer scientist, I can say with complete certainty that someone who breaks everything they touch (like you, for example) is the PERFECT bug tester. You are everything a software engineer dreams of. Whether those dreams are actually nightmares depends on the software developer.
  • @ImHanzzz
    Etho: "I am the most humble person in the server." Joel: "Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary"
  • @maskedbandit16
    14:47 “Many bits of knowledge went into my head and disappeared shortly thereafter”💀 Why is that so relatable, especially in school
  • @jmnluxury10
    i love how gem and grian watched etho fix the whole thing like children watching their dad clean up their mess 😭 they are the best G siblings