Red & Bold: Is it bombs away for Patrick Mahomes & the Chiefs now?!!

Published 2024-06-22

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  • This is my first time watching your podcast man you guys did a great job. Keep it up, man. I found out a lot of stuff today that I didn’t know of so take care. God bless.
  • Hay guys finally getting great information about my favorite team sence I was a 12 year old now im 57 and god answering my prayers blessing us with Patrick MaHomes thank you. One more thing where’s your apinion on LRZ REES LIGHTNING .
  • @mgardner70
    Iron sharpens Iron. I see more great things for KC and your show! I wish I could give you more thumbs up! 🤣
  • I just stumbled on this show. I’m very impressed fellas! Especially Bering it from a coaches eyes and intelligence!
  • @rickybrue9365
    I'm with you guys that i feel like if the D is anywhere near what it was last year and the Offense can catch the ball and we stay healthy look out!! 100!! The 49ers, The Eagles with S.Barkley The Ravens with D.Henry The Bengals should be good games and i cant wait for the season!!!