When IDIOT Cops Realize They’ve Been Caught

Published 2024-05-13
When IDIOT Cops Realize They’ve Been Caught

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  • @hollydennison159
    He was pushing his bike, not riding. No tensing up. No resisting. He's on private property!! This officer is a Liar and a MENACE!!!
  • @mrbig4532
    That cop kept calling him dipshit should be fired for the way he spoke to that guy.
  • @neilpark2
    The first cop needs to be sent to jail
  • Driving 3 miles under the speed limit?!! The Sheriff of Stupidity. Total coward too.
  • @joshbrobud8358
    That first cop is a disgrace. Unfortunately he's probably been promoted to Captain by now.
  • @allaneisner4729
    This officer who has handcuffed the man in the first video needs to be fired and should lose his certification immediately! This asshole cop deserves to be fired and jailed for his actions against a completely innocent man!
  • @Olive131
    The first officer's ego wouldn't allow him to realize the man is more educated than he.
  • @mayaspanic221
    That first cop is a pathological liar. I wonder how those around him deal with him
  • @signal13
    As a 32 year veteran law enforcement officer, these are some awful cops. The officer that stopped the Lambo is practically brain dead. What an embarrassing excuse for a cop.
  • @geraldbrowne
    This painful to realize these cops carry weapons. It’s painful
  • @ryan00170
    Police should have to pay all legal fees when they make unlawful arrest
  • @Eriedu
    The first "cop" belongs in prison.
  • @user-mg7eu2og8z
    Both these deputies should be fired and never be allowed in law enforcement agencies under any circumstances
  • The 4th cop is too emotional about his community and forgot his role, need to stay focus with the law.
  • @Ballard710
    That last cop is acting like a toddler. SMH 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣