11 Minutes of Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO Episode Battle and Versus Gameplay | Summer Game Fest 2024

Published 2024-06-13
Get a glimpse of gameplay for Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO including an episode battle section where we see Raditz trying to convince Goku to join his cause. We get to watch Goku and PIccolo take on Raditz. After that we have a short versus battle clip between Goku and Vegeta taking on Frieza and Broly. Watch as Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta! Find out who wins!

0:00 Intro and Battle Episode Gameplay
6:44 Goku and Vegeta versus Frieza and Broly

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  • @klissattack
    Raditz: is that your son? Goku: No.... (both look at Gohan's tail) Raditz: Dude... come on bro
  • @Canal3gaming
    I loved the idea of making choices to change the story. Brings some fresh possibilities to the gameplay. This game is a day one to me.
  • @STH151NicoleFan
    That they keep having a conversation while beating each other up. Classic.
  • @damsam0
    Decimating your opponent just to have a cut scene play of you being defeated. Classic video game logic
  • @abritishguy4713
    If anyone is complaining about the story just go and play Kakarot. How many times do we actually need to play through the same thing again and again? It’s been over 20 years. Even the voice actors sound bored of it.
  • @Sleepylevi
    Goku even has his accurate attire from the raditz fight. YES
  • @calsas
    The fighting looks good, as well as the graphics. But DB games really need to step up when it comes to cutscenes.
  • @exclusive_98
    the storm clouds forming whenever you go full power is such a great detail. Glad I pre-ordered.
  • @gxv-179
    Planet Namek! Man. One Super Move, the environment change to the stage of destruction
  • The power down into the fusion 😍 man you just brought back so many memories. October hurry tf up
  • @mrsparkle7280
    I NEED the stage destructions to show satellite explosions like in the old games
  • @cheeseisgood17
    Goku going SSJ against Great Ape Vegeta is gonna be wild.
  • @FastAkira
    Now we are talking brother. Finally after many years of waiting! In my late 30´s and feeling like a child again. Let's go!!!
  • @GabūToXx
    what a beautiful game, let it be October 11th now!
  • @cameronjr8
    5:56 Raditz ALMOST said the Ocean word “Next Dimension”.
  • @eggymens
    love the first person perspective shots and the new dialogue and alternate story options