I Bought Another Pallet of Home Depot Tool Returns for $3,400

Published 2023-09-17
I Bought Another Pallet of Home Depot Tool Returns for $3,400, was it worth it.....?

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All Comments (21)
  • @benwagoner9741
    For the tools, why not see if there are any local schools that could use them? Or even if there are kids who are in wood shop classes to get them started, they might want them. Great video!
  • Every episode gives me another reason to be baffled by the fact that John still has all of his appendages.
  • @PMichaels
    School wood shops or drama departments would love those tools! Also, community theater groups might want some too. My son is in high school theater and they are always looking for extra drills, drivers, saws, and bits. That would be a wonderful gesture by you! Nice video!
  • Since being injured and being declared disabled 6 years ago I've been doing absolutely nothing. I've been watching these videos....I think I'll clean out space in the garage and hit up yard sales for tools to start woodworking. Hopefully by spring I'll be making stuff! Being a former chef I wanna make my own custom cutting board!
  • @CamRob_56
    I work at Lowe’s so we get some real doozies of returns. A lot of the cashiers are not taught to check product (I assume to avoid confrontation with aggressive customers). Once we got a 5 gallon bucket of paint, that was actually just water, tools kits returned with no batteries or chargers and a whole lot of buy one get one, where the buy one was returned. One time after a pretty bad rain we sold like 25 shop vacs and got like 10 returned I assumed after being used thoroughly.
  • Hey John. I look forward to your show each week. From the builds to the boxes and all the shenanigans in between. If you haven’t found a home for some of that dewalt stuff I will gladly pay for it. I am only 2.5hrs from Pittsburgh area. Keep up the fun and entertainment.
  • I love the workmates. I have 3 of them. Very handy for tiny garage setup. I even keep one on back deck for BBQ/work uses. Grandfather used ryobi for quick garage/house stuff. Lots of tool options for them I’ve found. Great score on the dewalt stuff. Love to have the workmates. Give away to fans!
  • @rclarenceboyce
    That Ryobi mattress inflator is one of the most used tools in my shop. I use it to blow off dust and shavings off everything. It's way quicker than a bench brush and way more convenient than using an air compressor.
  • Always love the pallet videos! Really appreciate the production that goes into these.
  • @OffTheJacks
    The Ryobi tools are pretty good, depending on how much of a workhorse you need.
  • Love your videos. Watching them has made me get back into woodworking. Thank you
  • I just discovered your channel tonight and subscribed after the first episode. I am a fairly new woodworker, having graduated from San Diego State University at the age of 58 in May 2022! I am setting up a small shop in my 2 car garage and am checking out tools I need at home. I've never heard about palette auctions so I'm going to check them out. Your show is top-notch and very well done!
  • @faheem_786
    I just went down a rabbit hole and watched a guy make table lamps using epoxy and LEDs and I thought of something epic because I've binge watched so many of your videos over the last month. Imagine a cave table filled with blue epoxy to look like water and a light fitted underneath it so it looks like an underwater cave? 🤯 You could even add little details to like seaweed or algae it would literally be the most epic thing ever. You are the one who could pull this off John I believe in you sir. I really love the channel by the way you guys bring personality to the videos and make them fun which is so awesome as opposed to hearing someone talking over a time lapse which can be boring at times.
  • @siebe41
    The ryobi inflator for the air mattress is a great little tool.
    I use it to blow off work surfaces in my shop instead of firing up the air compressor.
  • @jjjacer
    I like that idea of a pull out drawer system in that dewalt tough packout, wish more companys would make a similar one (would like one for my Bauer Packout)
  • @balsqueak
    Dewalt is owned by Stanley Black and Decker. Ryobi is usually great for the price point. They're owned by TTI, who owns Millwaukee. TTI also manufactures Rigid. There’s a ton of rebranding type stuff and tech sharing going on with those brands and you can totally get a great tool for cheap.
  • @mdevietro
    I’d love to see if you can get your hands on returns from super premium tools like festool and Hilti. Probably would be tougher to source but I suspect there are a lot of speciality tools whom get returned after 1 job.
  • I love watching your video as an aspiring craftsman. Watching your tips and tricks helps me level up thank you
  • great video love all your videos john keep up the great stuff I'm in the process of building a epoxy river table thanks to you guys lol wish me luck I'm a huge Ryobi fan they work great for everything i do but i would love that dewalt roofing gun just did a side job i had to rent one from homedepot what a life saver well thanks again brother for the video
  • @faireter3575
    I will still never get over the cost of shipping pallets. And I used to be as shipping and receiving manager who shipped pallets 😂