Deadpool & Wolverine - Teaser Trailer - My Thoughts

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @Kaiser-qx9ys
    Feels weird to be genuinely excited about an upcoming Marvel movie again!
  • @dannyschoe4874
    That's why at the beginning of the trailer wade Wilson said it's been a rough couple years...he's clearly talking to us as fans of marvel
  • Having watched Jeremy for 10+ years, at this point it just feels like hearing a friend's thoughts!
  • @randomrey6568
    We went from a Sewed Mouth and Terribe CGI Claws 15 years ago to how they were meant to be now! What a time to be alive!!!
  • @omariwalker1006
    I still remember your reaction to the Deadpool test footage. Feels like yesterday
  • "You've already seen the pictures, but we're saving it."
    Gives me "ah, it's photoshopped." When Andrew Garfield was asked about that shot of him on the blue screen scaffolding set was leaked, lol. Not to mention the trailer shot of Tom with A TON OF SPACE above and below him facing 3 villains. Like. We all KNEW the other spiders would be there.
    It was still a hella hype moment in the theater, though. Betting this'll be the same. We know. People are gonna lose their minds though.
  • The fact that Wade joked that he was the Marvel Jesus because this movie is going to save the MCU hilarious
  • @ajhill5094
    This is the most wholesome way to bring Deadpool into the mcu... Deadpool kills the marvel universe vibes. This is old school marvel. I hope it turns out to be what my heart wishes it will
  • @sahildhawan5663
    Jeremy making this video the same length as the Deadpool 3 teaser while in the middle of watching the Super Bowl is some intense dedication. Kudos sir, thank you for the Easter egg :D
  • Just wanna say, PLEASE don't stop making gaming vids because of the lower views! Love hearing your thoughts on all the shit you like, not just cinema.

    Can't wait for Deadpool though!
  • @hansyy5244
    This is going to be a rollercoaster and I cannot wait to watch it.
  • The opener when he tells the TVA agents show up with the pruners and he says "pegging is nothing new to me fellas, but it is for Disney" 😂😂😂😂 already gave me hope.
  • @TommyRepulsed
    Thanks for being one of the good guys who posts links to trailers he's reviewing.
  • @TauoeiAnieoj
    Wow, you released this video so quickly. I'm impressed.
  • @LTJfan
    I'm very excited but also cautious at the same time
  • @MarioGMan25
    The fight scene in front of the destroyed 20th Century Fox logo is sending me.
  • thanks for dropping that you did a video about the FFVII: Rebirth demo - it didn't show up in my feed!