Feint & Boyinaband - Time Bomb (feat. Veela) | 1 Hour Version

Published 2016-12-06

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  • HeReS_JoHnNy6342
    Throughout the 20 years of my life, I feel as if I've been here for ages, Constantly reincarnated to witness everything that has transpired since the dawn of creation itself. I seem to remember some of my past lives, like one of them was a sage from a Norse tribe. Another was a wise man, during the 1800's. I know it seems odd for me to be saying this, but it feels true to me.
  • Laeryc
    Should look for more Veela Songs she has been posting her music for awhile now on youtube shes a great chillout vibe
  • arap5
    Thank you so much for this :)
  • ranjas
    vveela autotune is next lvl , love her songs
  • IssaJonies5 YT
    Я слушаю это в 2019 и мне наплевать какого эта песня создания. Мне она нравится
  • Yemiku
    Best song ever createt.
  • F. D.
    Hyuna in the pic 🙃
  • B Truj
    Let this song be a warning to gamers and u-tubers: unplug often, and pay attention to your women or they outta here.