I Turned My House Into A Fish Tank!

Published 2023-05-23
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In this video I shocked my friends by turning my entire house into a huge fish tank! I love the ocean, but live in Colorado so I decided to bring the ocean to me! We filled my house in some insane ways, like leaving the sink on, dumping bottles of water, having a water balloon fight, and using a firetruck! Since I didn’t want to harm real fish, we used Zuru’s robotic fish to be at the cutting edge of the robot revolution. This was absolutely crazy to make, and we we had lots of fun and laughs along the way. I love making these videos and can't wait for you to see what is next.

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Not I BUILT A HOUSE AND FILLED IT WITH WATER, But I BUILT A HOUSE AND FILLED IT UP WITH WATER, But I FILLED MY HOUSE WITH REAL SLIME, But I FILLED MY ISLAND HOUSE WITH BALL PIT BALLS, But I FILLED MY ISLAND HOUSE WITH SNOW, But I Turned My New House Into Biggest Fish Tank, But I FILLED MY ISLAND HOUSE WITH PACKING PEANUTS, But I Transformed My Washing Machine into a Fish Tank, But WE TURNED A SWIMMING POOL INTO A FISH AQUARIUM (pond reveal), But I Turned My Bedroom Into A Cereal Bowl, But I Transformed My Bedroom Into A Fish Tank or any other video like Unspeakable, President Chay, Mad Brothers, Aquarium Info, Barbs Buzzin (The Fish Guys), Brent Rivera, MrBeast, or Airrack would make. This is a video where Matthew Beem (aka MBeem10) transformed his house into a real life aquariu

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  • Matthew Beem
    Surprisingly it only took a day to dry out my house. Now it’s like brand new! Hope you guys enjoy!!
  • This is so dangerous on so many levels😅 he didn’t mention anything about it but I hope he took safety measures with outlets and cables
  • FishTank
    Disgustingly wasteful but certainly entertaining. Would love to have that kind of money to redo my house. 😊
    They should make videos when they show how they clean it all up.
  • John Pork
    I would never do this because I don't want to ruin my house.
  • Niklas Collier
    The amount of mold he probably has in his house is crazy
  • Natalia's Ways
    Okay, I've officially seen it all! Turning your entire house into a fish tank? That's taking 'bringing the ocean to you' to a whole new level! 🐠🏠 I have to admit, though, it's a genius way to get that underwater experience without leaving Colorado! Kudos to you, Matthew Beem, for unleashing the ultimate aquatic adventure. Just be careful not to mistake your living room for a snorkeling spot! 😄
  • RupertInnit
    everyone's saying that he just ruined his house, but the worst part is the water bill and how he's gonna rebuild it all lol
  • G.A.V
    I just can do imagine how much money they had to pay for this
  • K P
    Yes, this would be the first "fishy tank" house that I have ever seen!
  • No Shot
    This was insane, and all those donations matt you’re a legend!
  • Hopefully Matthew mom doesn't notice the house full of water
    It was nice knowing you Matthew
  • Kenny Kaspar
    Wow that was a crazy video. I didn’t think that someone could turn their house into a fish tank! This must have been one expensive video! Keep us posted on your house. I hope you have some where to stay in the main time until your house is fixed.
  • Matthew,
    You are one of my favorite youtubers, and you have inspired me to have big dreams and goals. Thank you. Also live in Colorado, and I have BEEN in in that exact same Scheel's
  • The Silly Boy
    This man’s water bill is gonna be through the roof, just like the water if something goes wrong. 😂

    Edit: MOM I’M FAMOUS!!