One Year Ago I Built an Ecosystem, This Happened

Published 2022-08-23

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  • motorbikeRay
    20 years later: "...the wolves were taking over my tank ecosystem so I had to introduce a new top-level predator, the tiger."
    As a Geo Ecology student with great interest for film and animation I’d love a project where you would film a nature documentary about small live in an ecosystem only to zoom out in the end to show the audience, that what they thought was an entire rain forest is actually the tank in this guys living room. Imagine the amazement over the video perspective, scientific study, ecological experiment and human craftsmanship!
  • I could watch a 2 hour documentary about your ecosystem, man. That's so fascinating! I couldn't stop thinking that if it was a closed and self sustainable system we would have a few unique species in only a couple thousand years haha
  • CK Norris
    I had an aquarium with enough plants and aquatic life that I eventually didn't need to put food in anymore. It was self sustaining and the water was crystal clear. Was like a master level setup. Crazy what nature can do if you just add the right ingredients and leave it alone. I had to move out of state an unfortunately gave it to a guy who didn't realize what he had. I think about that aquarium all the time. 😭
  • Sarah Sicinski
    I showed this video to my Biology students today and they loved it! Their responses were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic; thanks for providing this video as a valuable learning opportunity for them! I am going to move forward with an extension assignment to have them make food webs of the organisms you mention in the video. Thank you!
  • Dante Navas
    Really cool! So much going on! Side note....the baby geckos aren't technically "clones" because they don't have identical DNA to the parent. In this type of parthenogenisis the chromosomes are still crossed over and there is recombination. So.... new DNA!!! FREAKING AWESOME!
  • Multifister
    25 years later: as you see, the ecosystem has grown substantially. The redwood trees are coming along nicely. The beavers have built dams between two villages, and the humans have developed their own official currency. Wow,
  • Catastroish
    I don't know how your video got to me, but I'm glad that it did, because maaaaaan, that's awesome. Really beautiful. And it's a relief to know that you also have a compassion towards them, and expanding environment for geckoes <3
  • Paper Mario
    This is awesome. I’m afraid I would get too attached to the critters and be heartbroken when nature happens. The tropical storms are AMAZING!!!!
  • Max Neimeyer
    Do you ever worry about overpopulation of the mourning geckos? Or do the crabs and adult geckos maintain it? I'm just thinking about making a paludarium with mourning geckos and I want to know what you recommend to keep the population from going out of control. Love your videos! Keep up the good work!
  • This is so cool. I was just thinking you should build a 100 gallon Paludarium and you are. Wow, very impressive. Wish I could do something like this but I wouldn't even know where to began lol
  • Micah Mann
    This is so absolutely amazing. I've always been interested in terrariums/enclosed ecosystems. This is breathtaking. I would love to know all of the specific plants that you used to recreate this wonder. Thank you! Definitely earned a new sub!
  • Jeff Saltzman
    I’ve worked in the aquarium industry for over 30 years and this tank is one of the best!
  • cat catterson
    Ah, he seems like a good man, creating his own ecosystem to grow, though only a small area, he is sure to inspire other Generations to- DID HE JUST SAY WASPS!?
  • Building an eco-system is a new trend even in Goldfish Community, too. The traditional way of Chinese goldfish keeping is a perfect example of self-contained solutions. Not chemical stuff or electrical device needed. A eco tank lasts for a long time.
  • Catsin Q
    Did you add other insects too? The bloodworms - do they live in the tank - or that was supplemental food? SO amazing. I had no idea this was a hobby that a person could have, and it's so cool, I'm happy to learn about it.
  • Stephen Swingler
    I love these ecosystem tanks...every tank of creatures should be an ecosystem whether it is a reef tank or just a tank of goldfish. We owe it to them as their keepers! This one is truly superb. You didn't put any tree frogs in there which may have been wise as they would have kept you awake all night with their mating calls!! Well done, I loved the misting unit....
  • Robert
    I'd LOVE to make one of these and I AM the type to fully educate myself before starting but I still feel like I'd end up looking at moldy glass. Such care needs to be made to begin and maintain such a complex piece of machinery. That's essentially what this is. A huge machine with every piece playing a vital role in its function. Simply amazing job!
  • Legend magnet
    Not only the efforts he had put in building that thing ...we must also appreciate the camera works felt like a full fledged documentary on NatGeo
    Great work man!
  • Aurora Summer
    I'm only 3 minutes into this video and I'm utterly in love. How have I never found this channel? I love your voice, your excitement for this, and the content! This is AMAZING!