7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, 432 Hz Powerful Healing Frequency, Boost Positive Energy, Meditation

Published 2022-02-07
Schumann resonances are electromagnetic resonances of our planet. They can be found in the space between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. They are very low frequencies, the lowest is 7.83 Hz. This frequency belongs to the Theta waves. This track can be of great help for deep meditation and lucid dreaming.
We have used binaural and isochronic tone patterns. You can listen to this composition with or without headphones or earphones. Namaste

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All Comments (21)
  • Carol Rowe
    “I am Light….I am the Love…..I am the Truth….I AM” Many blessings to everyone here listening to this magical music. Much ❤️ Love
  • Que profundidade...que harmonia...que sensibilidade!! Parabéns ao canal!! Maravilhoso e abençoado!! ❤🇧🇷🇧🇷
  • От души Благодарю вас за эту волшебную музыку, это такое Блаженство слушать.Всем людям на планете я желаю Любви, гармонии и Мира во всем Мире!!!
  • EdTheGoat TV
    I pray the world is healed. Blessings for all.
  • Cynthia Stokes
    My grandson fell asleep on the couch listening to this and he slept in complete stillness all night...💕
  • Irma Rovira
    I am the light
    I am the love
    I am the truth
    I am!!
    My body is healing, I have no pain, I am healthy , I am strong , I am happy!!
    Thank you for this energy healing..
  • Sandra MacNeil
    Great for inspiration, grounding, healing, clearing negative energy, and empowering! 💗
  • Sam Mo
    Maravilloso 😍 qué plenitud! Gracias por compartir esta paz y este amor. Es una protección divina ❣qué Dios nos proteja a TODOS
  • P_Rico J&L
    Been going thru too much my self, i always find a peaceful space with all your playlist. Dont let stress defeat you, fight it day by day it will come to an end.
  • Grazyna Maslach
    Miłość bezgraniczna, z wdzięcznością płynąca, cudowny dźwięk, czuję w sercu ❤️❤️❤️💫♾️💫🌌💫💓♒💓🇵🇱
  • Michael Rollins
    I wish everybody good luck on their journeys .may you travel safely and reach your destination.let love be the beacon that lights the way
  • Annette Martinez
    I'm a huge fan of healing music and it's done so much for me and my life ❤️! I was taught mediation at a early age (12) and it's been a good experience!(44) and thank you for sharing this healing video!
  • Fátima Caiola
    Sou luz
    Sou amor
    Sou saúde
    O universo é tudo
    Gratidão gratidão gratidão 🙏
  • irina abramova
    Благодарю 🧡 пусть эти звуки исцеляет мир ✌
  • Carla Valiana
    Gratidão por compartilhar.
  • I'm not done
    Guided by this as prayers shower over the planet for healing and manifestation of peace found within then given to whomever is needing 🙏