1 in 48 chance of finding a Rare Golden Creeper! (Mining 3!)

Published 2021-07-01
Today is yet again another day of trying to get my hands on a Rare Gold Plated Creeper! Today I'm mining into 3 of them! Hopefully I find one!

Thanks for watching! :)

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  • BrentTV
    Have a great day everyone! If this video gets 30k likes, I'll buy 10 for one video! :)
  • Spong boing
    He’s gonna get 10 diamonds before he gets this creeper lol
  • Delta Bravo
    Hey man, my family is starting to go through a rough time and I wanted to say thank you for posting these videos. It makes me happy that you love doing these videos for people. Thank you.
  • Haz4ler
    Brent always manages to make a video about just opening eggs VERY entertaining
  • i.hate.colin_
    Place it in hot water until it cools enough to touch them comfortably. Leave them in the water and smoosh them. It works for gold and diamond, but idk if it works for this. I suggest you try it
  • celerii
    You gotta admire how determined he is :D
  • Todd LeVasseur
    You’re supposed to soak them in water and wait for them to be soft and makes it a little bit easier.
  • DownsideLegenD
    Respect to him for actually washing his figurines and collecting them
  • Mawuena
    My idea for all the extra tools: melt them and make one big tool. Might take a while but yeahh
    My tip for finding golden creepers: If u really want one you can feel the weight difference, but I personally think it's funny having the enjoyment of wondering whats in it but you could maybe test that out if it actually works (that if its heavier) but you do order them online so it depends. Sorry for my long message that probably makes no sense
  • Jennifer
    You should break one only using the tool it came with. Maybe it will give you luck
  • karis
    Fun fact: The chances of the apocalypse happening is more likely than Brent getting a Golden Creeper
  • SaltSalted
    Imagine if he got the gold creeper but he broke it.
  • Shiftann
    Am I the only one who was impressed by how the first Steve landed on his head perfectly
  • Lilly Curtiss
    Looks like he is getting 10 of them! Yay! ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎
  • myuo
    Fun fact: Brent has gained over half a million subs over the past month.
  • Melody Taylor
    You know, even if I got the golden creeper if that was the last one in the store, I would still be upset because it wasn't a bee.
  • Jason Lopez
    Idea: just buy 48 and then you can get a golden creeper.