Vanilla - Origin

Published 2017-01-27

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  • madi
    so proud of producers who realize that every track needs to be DOPE.
  • I don’t know about all of you but finding an artist that you vibe with instantly even after listening to them for years is profoundly similar to talking to a friend that you haven’t seen in years. Much love everyone ✌🏽
  • Gui Marconi
    O cara simplesmente é ALÉRGICO a ERRAR. Todas são brabas.
  • Sabbatai
    I listened to this album on repeat 5 years ago and just remembered today.
  • Rattle Snake
    I was looking on how to process vanilla this is good too
  • No Way
    Summer is one of my all time favorite "vaporwavey" songs. I remember when I found this gem on Youtube and it blew my mind. These type of finds happen as often as finding love in life.
  • Nico
    Oh my God... I've just come across this and really can't exaggerate how relieved I finally am. I've been looking for dreamcatcher for over 3 years since I heard it in a Lo-Fi mix. Finally.
  • Mike Cortez
    I can listen to Arrow on repeat for days. Such a flavorful track.
  • Se7en Sinzz
    I feel as though at a certain point, i stopped being the main character in my own life, and shifted into the backseat letting whatever unfolds unfold
  • SaabTheFox
    The bass pumps with Nana just make it the best but All In My Mind will never get old imo
  • Mindful Music
    Used to have this on the channel, but sadly Universal claimed it. Good to see it's still surviving elsewhere!
  • Brandon Chase
    i swear to god, as someone who grew up with old school american hip hop, these brits have really good beats.
  • 1abnormalman
    Burned a mixtape of “the Hits” back in the mid 2010s Internet Moms, Private Cellar, Cherry Pepsi, Closer to you, Beach Walk, Enjoy Yourself, Mac Tonight, Sunday School, Macintosh Plus 420, Better, Startup, THIS WHOLE ALBUM ( especially nana )etc. even though i can’t always make out the lyrics- i feel them by heart those tracks got me through some pretty lonely late night drives home after getting totally zooted at a friends place or a late night gaming session, got me through High School my first couple jobs and now- It’s 5am and I feel like I’m not the same dumb kid, i mean in some ways i still am a dumb adult but I’ve changed, for the better? Who knows- who cares right?
  • Atria
    this will never get old!
  • Branco Ishihara
    Finally, this playlist came back do my feed again.
    That's one of the first Lo-Fi playlists i've ever listened to
  • SummoNerd
    Da Bahia-Minas estrada nat-(ural)
    Que ligava Minas ao porto ao mar
    Caminho de ferro mandaram arran-(car)
    Velho maquinista com seu bo-(né)

    Ponta da Areia - Milton Nascimento, Brazilian MPB
    I love this remix! :D