Dolly Parton sings "Rocky Top" with Vol fans at Neyland Stadium

Published 2023-11-18
Dolly Parton was escorted onto the field by Peyton Manning:…

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All Comments (21)
  • Being born & raised in Tennessee, this is an Honor to say the least. Go Vols and God Bless Dolly Parton!
  • @RsoyFolak
    She is undoubtedly a queen, but the fact that you were unable to hear her at all is disappointing since she deserved more. Despite this, she is amazing and it is not her fault.
  • Who ever is in charge of the audio at this stadium needs their head on a platter, because they totally failed Dolly when horrific acoustics.
    We all know she has a wonderful voice-
    So this is on them,
    Not Great Dolly , who is a National Treasure ❤
    Go Dawgs!
  • I couldn't hear her sing the band was playing way way too loud!!! You heard the audience once they really kicked in but I couldn't hear her sing one lick I can't believe they did that to her!!! That woman is the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @ladyzuri1585
    Like the lady, professional singer and one of the Queens of Country she is....she put on the show with confidence and grace....applause to you Dolly.

    And I don't think this will ever happen again, the production crew surely learned something....
  • @Jeronique
    This is “getting her flowers” 💐💐💐. The crowd said “even though the sound system is not meeting our noise level we’re going to make sure you know how much we love you Dolly.” ❤ love this for her.
  • @EruioDing
    You Have to Adore Dolly Parton! She truly is a blessing!
  • @USMS-qr4xr
    I would have loved to be able to hear Dolly. It’s the only part of the game I cheered for anything from TN. Because we all love her and her love for her home. GO DAWGS!
  • @stacytate6865
    She talked and sang bits in hopes they would fix the issue. Thats a pro.
  • @laurahall1807
    The consumate professional she is. We love you Dolly!!!
  • @tplee1974
    loved the gesture by Tennessee but they clearly did not test out the band and sound system beforehand; drowned Dolly right out
  • If the camera was in front of Dolly to be able to see her as she sang. Also, if the mascot wouldn’t have been in front of the camera we could have seen more of Dolly!!!!!!
  • @dirtyDROID74
    Shame they couldn't catch her pre-song mic levels up. Sometimes artists have important things to say before they sing. She would and should be no different. Respect.
  • Dolly is ALWAYS THE BEST
    Audio issues were omen to game outcome for the Vols
    Go Dawgs
  • @toddylu6869
    What a beautiful class act! She is precious, lovely, generous and so very talented!!!!
  • @Kiddos7322
    You had ONE job, sound techs! ONE JOB!!
  • @TJScruffi
    I could not even hear her singing as the music was too loud. 🧡🧡🧡