At 65, Alan Jackson FINALLY Reveals Why He Quit Music

Published 2024-05-07
At 65, Alan Jackson FINALLY Reveals Why He Quit Music

If you are a big fan of old country music, it’d be impossible to not know who Alan Jackson is.

Famous for the record-breaking Masterpiece “Remember When”, Alan has been at the center of recent news buzz. What exactly brought about it all? and how true are the speculations flying all around the industry? Join us on this exciting expedition as we discover the real reason Alan Jackson quit music.

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  • @user-kd7uy4yn4d
    I hope Alan keep recording music. Love his music and love him. Praying that God touches Alan and heals him.
  • Alan Jackson is a Legend that can never be replaced!!!!! 🎼🎸🎤
  • @JimRedland
    Alan is right on top along with George Strait love them both!
  • @louisewelch5451
    I love Alan Jackson. Always wanted my little blonde headed son to grow up just like him and be a singer. Didn’t work out that way. But, my son loves Alan Jackson like me, but son works for the Lord...Alls well that ends well.
  • @Phyllis-hx5pv
    I love Alan Jackson ❤his voice is amazing and so soothing..God bless Alan Jackson and his family ❤
  • @lauro9766
    God bless you Alan Jackson and family.prayers
  • @user-dd1de5vb6b
    Only Country Music Singer that still real Country. Please don't GO! 😢😢❤😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • @StormyCoop
    Mr. Jackson i love to listen to the hymns you sing. It reminds me of when i went to church with my mom as a child. My dad died in January he was a cowboy. My mom is in a memory care nursing home. I listen to you hymns you sing almost every day. I pray God bless your family and you.
  • @janegerber4578
    Alan Jackson, I have been a fan of yours since you first started singing, been a big fan of yours since you first song...I love you A.J.
  • @sherri4094
    I will always listen to your music!! You’re a legend and one of the best. I totally get it. It’s your turn now. You’ve given so much to us through your music and the way you lived your life and loved your family and friends. ❤
  • @Jean-eq7id
    Alan it is so sad to hear you're going I love all of your music I listen to all of it. You are one talented artist. The looks are there the body is there it's just sad to hear that the voice is going to be gone. I wish you the best in the rest of your life.
  • @susandean7577
    I saw Alan Jackson at a concert in Virginia. He sounded just like his recordings. ❤❤❤
  • So sad he won't be singing anymore!! I love his voice, the way he treats his fans!! God bless you and keep you safe!!!❤🎉
  • I love all your music Alan and I have been listening to it most of my life oh yeah you was born the same year and same month that I was I was also born in October I was born in October 31st and you was born October 17th and I will go on listening to your music God bless you Alan Jackson and family
  • @user-wv9uq5jb8g
    Thanks for all your beautiful songs and u will be missed we love u AlanJackson