Operation: The Portal Heist

Published 2023-12-02
yeet the portal

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btw this video was a huge experiment for me. I wanted to see how fast I could make a video from start to finish (this took 3 days) because i want to start uploading more but still maintain that "chiefy" quality! A lot to learn from this video but I really hope you still enjoy it!

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All Comments (21)
  • @L_c4lx
    Im surprised they managed to destroy that portal without getting caught by Astelina.
  • @Rrrandomiser1234
    "Rome wasn't built in a day, it took a long time and several story arcs to actually finish building it. The same way as how this heist took chief a lot of carpal tunnel and depression" -R
  • @Dogmachine-hv1ff
    I would love to see how the two communities of Lifesteal and The Outcasts interacted with each other. There are already some players that play both servers and I think that a crossover would be awesome
  • @noobietubey
    I like that this video isnt just "i destroyed my friends greatest creation(EMOTIONAL)"
  • @Mikeythespikey
    Is it just me or does Cheif always make turn something boring into something so fun to watch Love ur content dude ❤
  • @Stoopid_Skits
    "I am so excited to show everyone the portal!" Chief- "What have I done..,"
    ALWAYS nice when chief uploads man. his videos are so fun to watch
  • @Ottertaxes
    10 outta 10, love seeing your videos Chief, glad to see the new discord too
  • @80-H20_YS
    I watched this 2 months ago and its still one of the best minecraft videos i ever seen.