Jurassic Park Music & Ambience - Amazing Soundscapes and Music

Published 2019-03-10
"Life will find a way."
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All Comments (21)
  • Euphorial IRE
    If I had a garden with speakers installed, this would be on repeat
  • Avery Hanlon
    I really love the variety of tracks in this video. I only wish there were some dinosaur noises :D
  • bubblefish17
    Every time when I finished a Jurassic Park movie, I learned the lesson, never bring dinosaurs back alive.....but when I listen to the Jurassic Park theme song again, I start wishing Jurassic Park is real. Its a bad cycle. XDXD
  • Indiana Smith
    Life finds a way to bring me back to this soundtrack.
  • This is what the sequels lack; the soft, melodic, musically mesmerizing tones of the original that balance out the boisterous tonality that the newer movies overemphasized.
  • bbtank3000
    I just want to say how awesome this comments section is! We were all meaningfully impacted by Jurassic Park, and it shows. I was 4 years old when the first one came out in June 1993. My mom took me to see it, wondering if it might be too scary for me. But just the opposite: I loved it! There's something so timeless about the first one.
  • ShadesOfKnight
    Yes, that's how it always starts - oooh, and aaaah… and then later there's the running and screaming...
  • Crave88evarC
    This and the score to Star Wars are above everything else imo. As close to magic as you can get. John Williams what a talented man.
  • “Time, the ever-flowing river…. Come with us now to a time before man… when the river flowed through a new-born world… and giants walked the earth… welcome to Jurassic Park”
  • To think its been just over 25 years since this masterpiece was released - still a all time favourite
  • The first movie is by far the best and John Williams is the master that all others must bow to. I had the immense pleasure of seeing him live with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl 15 to 17 times. What a joy
  • It'sMeZahra
    This makes me so happy, I love everything to do with dinosaurs, I'd love to be a palaeontologist when I'm older. Listening to this inspires me to keep trying hard to get good grades to study geology at uni. I love this! I listen to it on repeat when revising!
  • I was 11 years old when the movie was released. I will always remember the time when my dad took me to the theater to see it since I've been begging for weeks, and that scene with the Brachiosaurus... The scene that made me fall in love with the movie, with the universe as a whole, and with dinosaurs in general. Well, more then I already was! I remember feeling the wonder, the magic permeating that scene and staring wide eyed and open mouthed at the big screen... My 11 years old mind was utterly blown!
  • Bart Zeal
    Ah Yes, Jurassic park's got one of the most amazing soundtracks! Thanks again, great choice!
  • I highly recommend reading the original novel with this background music, you're in for another ride!
  • Richard Wiking
    You really do understand what beautiful music means .. keep it up! This is perfect .. nostalgic .. out of this world .. and i recommend you to make GLADIATOR ambience .. with those sicilian grain fields .. that would be perfect
  • JordanBachmeier
    When you know the exact movie scenes just based on the music
  • Artie Race
    Jurassic Park is my favourite movie soundtrack of all time. Literally nothing surpasses it for me. It's beautiful, it's dramatic, it's full of wonder, and I adore it!