Published 2022-11-22
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Despite Anthony Davis's 37 points, 21 rebounds, 5 steals, and 5 blocks, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 115-105. Devin Booker recorded 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists for the Suns, while Mikal Bridges added 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists in the victory. The Suns improve to 11-6 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 5-11.

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  • LeBeautiful
    This game felt like an entire rollercoaster, at moments it went down to the wire, but AD is having such a MOMENT it's more than refreshing. Proud of the big man, despite the outcome 💪
  • Randy Ragsdale
    I can't forget to show luv to Mikal Bridges who scored 25pts on 10-17 shooting from the field and 5-7 from 3. Dude is so underrated. He's more than just a defensive specialist and he proved it tonight.
  • NotTheWheel
    Tough match but at least the Lakers kept it competitive. Good game by AD. There is a core in the Lakers forming and I like the looks of it. I hope Lebron coming back doesn't disrupt the dynamic that we have growing here.
  • Bryan Torres
    Shout out AD!! We lost but I couldn't be happier with the effort we put in especially against a good team. We definitely feel like a different team with more chemistry compared to the start of the season. Keep it going boys, VIVA los Lakers❤!!!
  • Joshua Quijano
    The problem with Lakers is they have many players running the point in their roster and lack of legit outside shooters. You have russ, nunn, schrod, pat, and lbj (reaves is out since he can play sg). You have 5 point guard players and lack of outside shooters. The one shooter they have, who is matt ryan, is not given any minutes. The lack of shooter in this team is their number one problem on why they are losing.
  • Brian Grey
    I'm a Suns fan, but good to see Westbrook hitting some shots finally. Loved watching him, Durant and Harden on the Thunder.
  • Urbain Delva
    I didn't expect the Lakers to win this game, but they looked pretty good. AD has been a beast in the last number of games. Still cautious, but hopeful for him. Russ doesn't get enough credit for how he's embraced his new role. The flaws are still there, but he's had his own solid run thus far. They should not rush to bring LeBron back at all, partially because he's been a negative for them.
  • Dave A
    With how the editing of the highlights of this game, I thought Suns had a huge lead all game but it’s not and even Lakers had a lead for some possessions. What a game and congrats to Suns. Hope AD is healthy for all the games they have. He is a beast but really needs more help and consistency from his teammates.
  • Kedo
    Great game, both teams showed serious play at the highest level!
  • Blaze144
    If Ham doesn't want to bench Bev at least limit him to just 10-15 minutes per game. Dude playing 30 a night doing nothing.
  • GodsonMusic
    Beautiful game to watch with nice moves from both teams specially Suns😍
  • tiny rick!
    Props for Austin Reeves for holding himself up against Booker who's straight up bullying him.. kid's got heart
  • Rez
    Man I love to see the Lakers fighting back. Super proud of Anthony Davis the man is playing serious basketball
  • SlykTech
    Can't imagine how good the Phoenix Suns could be with Chris Paul and Cam Johnson back. They have also basically lost Jae Crowder and need to replace him sooner rather than later. This team is winning even while shorthanded, while others blame being shorthanded for losing.
  • Naomi
    Glad to see Anthony Davis playing like his old self in New Orleans. His previous copying of Miami Bosh (who suddenly loved shooting 3s) weakened him.
  • TimelyAdventure
    Lakers finally looking like a team, and even a bit of depth!
  • Justin Bray
    AD has been a beast the last few games. If he stay healthy and play great he'll definitely in up back in the conversation as best player in the league at least top 5.
  • Hudson Dixon
    Anthony Davis is the first player to record 35+ PTS, 20+ REB, and 5+ STL in a game since
    Charles Barkley: 41 PTS, 22 REB, 6 STL (1988)
  • That fade away from Ayton over AD was top tier! If he can shoot like that from the out side while still being dominant inside Suns get a chip!
  • June Hodge
    It's great to see AD finally being the AD we all know! It's a shame his team sucks... he continues like he has been, with the return of Lebron, help from the bench, some production from Westbrook and they could win some games. Unless Russ is driving to the rim then he shouldn't shoot much. He needs to distribute the ball and play making aspect of the team and help on D. Not a Lakers fan by any means but I always liked AD and his game.