I Caught Strangers Lying In Public

Published 2022-09-22

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  • 0c 💚
    All jokes aside, Sam actually needs help. Stealing 400$ of groceries is actually not okay.
  • davis 103
    Sam literally doesn’t know that over a million people watching this video found out she stole 400$ worth of groceries 💀
  • LOWLIFE exe
    i got much respect for airrack this man woke up one morning and said "ima force people to watch me" and dude just did the most bizarre shit to get to this point
  • eigow ou
    I love how Sam just openly admits she steal tons of stuff from restaurants to Tyler and Airrack as well
  • Nick DiGiovanni
    Airrack I literally saw you put lemonade in a water cup yesterday.
  • Medallion
    The videos are honestly always so much better with Sam and Tyler. You MUST bring them back for this vid's sequel!
  • Shauka Hodan
    I always want Tyler to be in all of the videos because he literally makes the entire video even funnier
  • K BROS
    Imagine just chilling in the corner and you see two policemen come in and start cussing this dude out
  • That one guy
    He works hard to make us happy and entertained ❤
  • Jeffrey Xia
    I love how these guys make hilarious and entertaining videos while still doing what's genuinely good like trying to stop liars
  • Addison Bruce
    As someone who’s never stolen soda, I can comfortably laugh at this knowing this won’t happen to me
  • Omar Mohamed
    i havent watched this man in 5 months yet he still has good video ideas GREAT JOB AIRRACK
  • Maxwell Raimo
    It’s so funny how many people do things you don’t expect them to do 😂
  • Rare-One
    Airrack just can't stop somewhat smiling whenever he does a bit or just anythingnin general and even when he's trying I can't help but laugh no matter how genuinely serious he may or most of the time not be
  • Owen Owen
    I remember when you started out in 2018 and then really picked up in 2020. It’s proof that you find success and fame but only through one way, executing the plan. It’s dope to see how you moved up from pulling off extreme sneak in stunts to making videos with your favorite YouTubers.
  • Jason Kravet
    It was so dope meeting you at the kabob place! The level of production you guys are on is just insane
  • Lucas Mcnicol
    i come from australia and cant come but i can just imagine tons of people eating tons of people great job i remember when we got you to 500k and now 10mill its been 2 years and you guys have lightened both of them for me without you i would not know what to do, thanks for everything and my real name is dylan i hope to meet you sometime
  • loftGN
    Sam looks like a horror movie monster when she smiles Lol
  • Martin Davila
    It’s nice seeing Eric‘s channel grow every day