Logic - Cartoon Animation Movie

Published 2020-06-28
NEW: Slither 4 Remastered:
🐍🐍 Logic Movie | Cartoon Animation 🐍🐍
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The playlist of every episode! /playlist?list=PL8ynVBxl1V3jPA8GLIjrC1GX6_kEvHn-x
Slither Logic 1:
Slither Logic 2:
Slither Logic 3:
Slither Logic 4:
Slither Logic 5:
Slither Logic 6:
Slither Logic 7:
Slither Logic 8:

Slither 1 and 5: CrikeyDave:
Slither 2: Pivots:
Slither 3:
Slither 4: Moob:
Slither 6: JitterJoe

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Cartoon Animated funny snake cartoon inspired by popular game SLITHER.IO. A fun mobile game perfect for streaming and let's play. This is a cartoon animation on slitherio. The animation was produced and created by Gizzy Gazza (animated by a third party). Gizzy Gazza Logic Cartoons. Gaming Parody Cartoons!

#slither #CartoonAnimation #slitherlogic

Epidemic Sound.
Kevin MacLeod (
All music copyright free to use.

All Comments (21)
  • Vendetta
    The joy that filled my soul when I heard TheOdd1sOut's voice in Bookworm is immeasurable
  • *-_DeerFlower_-*
    I’m still watching this from 2021, and my laughter never dies from this.
  • Rose
    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the content he makes for us 😊❀
  • Reese_ARTS
    I remember watching this dude when I was little. Watched it millions of time actually made me draw them for fun.
  • Esqueplex
    I remember playing this game 2 years ago. The types of players are so accurate. :D
  • MTD
    I just love this part
    "Well..... this is awkard.."
    "Wanna go ignore the snake protest?"
  • amogus
    I watch this animation for several times and still making me laugh
  • Ruthie Z
    I love how the animation dramatically decreased from 2 to 3
  • Abilio reyes
    those parts when they said they loved eating balls made me die of laughter lol
  • Jax Powder
    Who else just loves that the prison one is literally just Shaw shank redemption 🀣
  • Zu
    "but i just love eating balls!"
    im dying rn
    fun fact: there are always people like dylan and andy in every game
  • alissy pup
    I just love this part
    "Well..... this is awkard.."
    "Wanna go annoy the snake protest?"
  • NoobsPlayBest
    4:49 i recognized that vegan teacher reference instantly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Jaron Wheeler
    I can't believe I sat here and watched this entire thing but it was so enjoy able lol. I would totally recommend.