Patrick Mahomes is in his Michael Jordan era 👏 - Damien Woody on the Chiefs' Super Bowl win | Get Up

Published 2024-02-12
Patrick Mahomes is in his Michael Jordan era 👏 - Damien Woody on the Chiefs' Super Bowl win | Get Up

The Get Up crew reacts to the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.

0:00 Kansas City's defense stepped up
5:21 The Chiefs' dynasty
9:35 Patrick Mahomes' greatness
12:08 49ers' overtime decision
16:56 Mahomes' most impressive Super Bowl run?

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All Comments (21)
  • @aneesabashir8496
    Mahomes is the perfect storm of a QB: he brings you the stats of Marino & Peyton, the winning of Montana & Brady, the clutchness of a Elway & Brady, the highlight worthy plays of an Aaron Rodgers, the mobility of a Steve Young, the toughness & arm talents of Favre.
  • @rontreald
    What’s nuts is even in other sports it’s still referred to as the Jordan era.
  • @joejoedouard
    Nick Wright basically predicted this conversation topic, said the defense would be the focal point lol
  • @darthtrabia
    When Pat got the giant contract, I was worried. He has only gotten better. That’s admirable
  • @ElkOnDeck
    The Chiefs Dynasty ran through Mahomes and Reid will make the other dynasties of the past look like just good runs. This Dynasty will show the world what a Dynasty really is.
  • @nellyville69
    Mahomes intellect and work ethic is his deadly weapon he analyzes every situation he has a counter for every scenario 😮
  • @samidavis3146
    If the Chiefs going to 3peat is going to be on the back of their defense and the magic of Mahomes and Kelce. Gotta keep Chris Jones and Sneed and go all in next season to be in RARE AIR.
  • @nickm2334
    The thing with Mahomes is every single time it comes down to the wire and both teams have a chance to win, the same result happens every time, whether the Chiefs need 3 or they need 7 Mahomes always finds to way to come away with what his team needs
  • @jrad410
    Im glad the chiefs D is getting their flowers. They made plays all year and the fact they held Kittle, Aiyuk, and Deebo to under 100 is crazy
  • @charlesfaure1189
    Great defense. Without Mahomes they lose 19-6. Credit to both. And keeping Kadarius Toney off the field helped Mahomes immensely.
  • @Bighoodiekid
    Jordan is a perfect comparison. There’s a lot of talented guys in the AFC who would probably win super bowls in any other era
  • @Lanch15
    The Chiefs won the Superbowl while missing Omenihu and Cook on defense and their WR core dropping passes left and right. They’ve won two consecutive superbowls while “rebuilding”. If they can keep Kelce on a pitch count and rebuild their WR core, watch out
  • @petes7271
    I Love this segment giving credit to the real winners for this season, the DC and those young defensive players
  • McDuffie, Sneed, and Bolton all were going to need to play a great game to win the Superbowl. And all three of them really stepped up and played their hearts out, along with Jones, Edwards, and Karlopus. The 49ers D played just as well arguably, but the Chiefs were able to make just one more key play and that's all they needed.
  • @Jamesisamazig123
    He just knows how to win now. He did his high flying act at the start of his career now he's settled in and Andy got him rolling
  • @DemonAngels7
    I just love how the team turned it around from the beginning of the season all the way to the end😎🏆💪🏽
  • @danielburt7849
    That new overtime Rule IS BECAUSE of Mahomes, and the Buffalo OT Playoff game in 2021. It should be referred to Mahomes when that rule is mentioned. (Patrick is too classy to add that the rule "levels the playing field" for his opponents.)