Karens That Went TOO Far

Published 2022-06-21

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  • 9frenchtoasts
    As an Australian, I can say that the Karen Diner was the funniest experience of my life. If you are in the Melbourne area I highly recommend that you check it out.
  • Random stuff
    I remember this one karen i’d met before- She lived in my compound and she always tried to get dogs banned or kicked out from the compound facilities that WERE MADE LITERALLY FOR DOGS. She begged all the people who worked in the compound to get dogs banned from the compound but they said no she went her way and printed a sign saying “No dogs allowed” and stuck it in the park in my compound. She had a whole mental breakdown when she came the next day and saw that literally everyone was there walking their dogs. A week later and she’d already decided that she would move houses and she was gone within 2 months😂
  • Ocean Dunphy
    “Karen is over here vibrating on the floor, like somebody forgot to turn their electric toothbrush off. Acting like she’s dealing with Satan himself” I love you 🤣
  • Strawblonde
    The woman screaming in the shopping center at one of the staff "GET AWAY FROM ME!" That was pure entertainment for me 🤣
  • Maddi Belle
    As an Aussie I can say the food at Karen’s Diner is soooo good as well as having 10/10 service😌
  • All right I have a Karen story here alright: so when I was at the car and my mom was driving going back to our family house this one lady was honking the horn for no reason and my mom got mad a little, I knew that was a Karen and I said "we have a Karen on the loose I repeat we got a Karen on the loose" and my mom kind of stopped at the car and waiting for the Karen that passed by and the Karen said " horrible driver horrible driver" and I just said I "I don't care go get your coffee now" even my mom said something but I did not heard it sadly, and I didn't know that a Karen was on Florida, well congrats for me I have a Karen now, and I now know that Karen's are on Florida.
  • JJ
    Karen: "It's not illegal to be loud!"
    Ma'am, yes it is, it's called disturbing the peace.
  • 1:01
    Pick one Karens, pick ONE.
  • MatiChagak
    The mask wasn't a Karen! It was an innocent pranked lady 😂

    The worst was definitely Victoria. Second place for the old man.
  • Foxy flips!
    7:32 Karen tip 101: when being recorded and when a bear sees you, play dead. Brilliant tip 10/10 😂
  • Whenever Im in a bad mood, I watch sssniperwolf to cheer me up. She never fails. Thank u Lia for always making me and my mom laugh <3 ❤
  • EDOG
    When she said “that one sounded like a door being opened” at 5:45 I started 😂
  • #Dustinthewind
    That first Karen. I’ve always said you can’t base somebody’s maturity level by how old they are and she goes to show it. She says it’s not illegal to be loud but her behavior kind of ties in with disorderly conduct lol
  • Joshwin Paulson
    Victoria Secret Karen was just panicked because she got caught hitting someone and then wanted to create such a scene and play the victim to get out of trouble.

    The last one irritated me bc I feel like the same people that were freaking out about people not wearing masks in public places or grocery stores (fast forward a couple of months) are acting like they didn't serve as the voluntary "mask police," demonizing anyone who didn't wear a mask. Pathetic. The "mask police" don't even wear masks anymore
  • Kringweiser98
    My aunts name is Karen, I once told that to my friends and they all shifted their eyes around the place. She is actually extremely kind. 😔
  • Lucas8293
    The door shutting with the karen screaming sound got me dead 😂
  • Emma
    For the last one, you can’t blame her for just tying to enforce the rules. If it was a Karen not wearing a mask that’s exactly how someone who is simply just trying to enforce the rules would talk.
  • Bianca Tofele
    Being an Australian and never knowing about the karen diner, makes me feel so behind in life. It will be far since i live in Sydney but i am definitely going to that diner and eating there.
  • It's just so sad that some people take the saying, "The Customers are always right" too hard. They see this as a right to abuse employees of stores, many who are at minimum wage. Seriously, if these people were gone from the world, than these terrible customers will probably not have anything to have. Employees who don't reach expectations are better than no employees at all.
  • DaMilkyXD
    proceeds to chase her

    Ah yes, it must have been Opposite Day. I completely understand.