Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation - May 2022 (2-Hour Playlist)

Published 2022-04-29
Discover the best new indie, pop & folk music in our May compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Tom Speight - ‘You and I’
2:30 Wayley - ‘Flowers in Your Hair (The Lumineers cover)’
5:13 Jordan Frye - ‘Heartbeat’
8:32 Fiona Harte - ‘Permanent’
12:01 The Native Sibling - ‘Growth’
15:09 Julia Church - ‘I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore’
18:00 Hollie Col - ‘Seasick’
20:54 Luke Sital-Singh - ‘California’
24:06 Woodlock - ‘We Gotta Go’
28:17 Close Kicks - ‘Coming Up’
32:35 WILD - ‘Me & My Friends’
35:10 Ian Janco - ‘Something New’
38:34 The Satellite Station - ‘December Rain’
43:00 Jon Bryant - ‘would you call me up?’
47:09 The Franklin Electric - ‘Borderline’
50:20 Garrett Kato - ‘Secrets’
53:20 Jude Moses - ‘Kokoro’
58:17 Alivan Blu - ‘I Remember’
1:02:16 The Sweeplings - ’Shipwrecks’
1:05:20 Cookhouse - ‘Bad For My Health’
1:08:28 Clammy Hands - ‘i feel alive woo yeh’
1:11:34 Stephen Babcock - ‘Still Think of You’
1:14:33 maya & ben - ‘tip of my tongue’
1:18:09 Nola Kin - ‘Lay Low’
1:21:15 Memorial - ‘Honest’
1:24:55 Martin Baltser - ‘Our Rockets’
1:29:18 Kate Kelly - ‘Anything and Everything’
1:32:00 Michael Dunstan - ‘Walk The Streets On Sunrise’
1:35:54 Rebecca Aaron - ‘This Just Can’t Happen Again’
1:38:37 Covenhoven - ‘I Was Salt, You Were the Sea’
1:42:34 Jaguar Sun - ‘One Day’
1:45:39 Beth De Bacci - ‘Monster In Me’
1:49:00 Lillian Blue Makin - ‘Nicotine’
1:52:09 Kate York - ‘Never Gonna Change’
1:55:37 Specific Coast - ‘Nothing Hill’
1:59:46 The Ballroom Thieves - ‘Worldender’
2:03:59 PJ Waiva - ‘Maybe The Light’
2:08:01 Nathan Colberg - ‘Gateway Bridge (Reimagined)’
2:11:17 Ralph Pelleymounter - ‘Steady Love’
2:14:43 Maisy Taylor - ‘Be My Baby’

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  • alexrainbirdMusic
    Wander in the wildflowers with our freshest delivery of new indie/pop/folk finds! There's 40+ songs here for you to discover throughout the month of May - let us know your favourites in the comments! Thank you as always for supporting what we do... it wouldn't be possible with you! 💐
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  • maya & ben
    Thank you so much for including our song "tip of my tongue" on your fantastic compilation!! Honoured to be alongside so many great artists 💛🤟
  • Relax Piano
    This is the the best music i have ever heard in my life. So relaxing and calming. I can't stop listening to it all day
  • Tom Speight
    Thank you so much for starting the playlist with my song ‘You & I’ x
  • Cecille Marie
    I love all the songs on this playlist. Just fitting for my birth month, May. 🌺🌻🌼🌸
  • Tess Millhollon
    This is one of my favorite playlists thank you! I listen to them while working from home. They get me in a productive yet chill zone.
  • Arjun Mohan
    I was searching indie music and I came on this video and I am feeling so fortunate. Lovely playlist!
  • Beth De Bacci
    Thank you so much for including ‘Monster In Me’!! Loving the other tracks too 🖤
  • zombie-slayer23
    Found you guys with you Autumn/Fall 2019 playlist and now I listen to every playlist when you post them. I just wanted something that put me in a fall vibe and your playlist did just that! I’ve learned about so many artists and adore everything I hear! My favorite artist I’ve found through y’all is The Satellite Station. So happy I just randomly gave your playlists a shot! I look forward to every new playlist now!
  • Sarah Green
    Wow I've been waiting for the new playlist, I've been listening to others over and over, I love listening to them when I'm reading or in the bath, great music to relax to ☺️
  • Felipe Salomão
    Vocês estão inspirados heimmm rs Mas a de abril vai ser difícil de superar heimmm rsrs
  • Close Kicks
    So honoured to be included!!! Thanks Alex!!
  • PJ Waiva
    Thank you for placing my single “Maybe the Light” with so many great artist. I got my jam for this weekend. ❤️❤️❤️❤️