Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass Trailer

Published 2022-09-17
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Welcome to Paradise. A new season filled with Chrome, Chrome, and even more Chrome. This anomalous substance is spreading fast across the Island. Jump in to check out the newest weapons, items, POI’s, and ways to play!

Some Island locations are seeking “safety” in the air — most notably Condo Canyon. Now called Cloudy Condos, attack from above in this expanding POI. Chrome’s not only taking over points of interest, it’s built a brand new one. Ascend Herald’s Sanctum (near the abandoned Sanctuary) and stand atop this tower of Chrome.

Defy the laws of physics by walking through Chrome walls! Throw a Chrome Splash at the walls to make the walls penetrable — jump right through the building and get the drop on your opponent!

With this Season’s Battle Pass purchase, you can unlock Gwen Stacy a.k.a. Spider-Gwen plus the following characters:

Paradigm (Reality-659), Meow Skulls, Bytes, Grriz, Lennox Rose, Twyn, and later on for the taking… The Herald!

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Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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All Comments (21)
  • ItzPeet
    Whoever directed this trailer deserves a raise.
  • GavinIsBack
    I can’t help but be amazed at how far Fortnite has come with their trailers and promotions for their new seasons. I really hope this game never dies because it’s too good to stop.
  • TimeBucks
    This game still somehow hypes me up
  • i cant stop watching this trailer! The camera angles are amazing, the song fits perfectly with the season, the trailer does a perfect job showing the new season, and the whole trailer flows so well. At the start we see an introduction to the characters/skins and we see them make their way to The Herald’s sanctum, then we see them fighting their way in and walking towards The Herald. Great trailer.
  • Unfairkibbles3
    The music matching Gwen's flipping scene. The hand shot while the ponytail girl is looking into a chrome wall. The villains poses. Everything is perfect
  • Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that
  • Majster
    No matter how this game will be hated, I will be hyped for a new season
  • SMToon World
    This season has a nice refreshing feeling to it!
  • Blessed by Howl
    Honestly, the best part of Fortnite is when a new season releases.
  • Drifty
    This game never fails to hype me up with every season
  • This season looks awesome, especially hearing one shot snipes are back. Only thing is a huge missed opportunity to bring paradise palms back for this season!
  • Viqet
    I love how everything went from chill and fun into massacre
  • Lisa M. Willson
    Man Gwen actually looks like the movie they nailed it and I’m even more hyped for the movie
  • StoneDragonX
    I cannot get over of how well you nailed the Spider-Gwen skin for this season.
  • hen ko
    This is one of the best seasons in my opinion. Lots of new things and cool new mechanics. The skins are really cool too
  • Jack Nicolas
    This looks so incredible. I love the battlepass skins. This is going to be a super fun season! Whooo!
  • Tonic
    This season’s trailer is the best out of all of fortnite chapter 3 so far ❤