Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work

Published 2021-08-07

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  • PhozzyPlush
    for the watermelon one they flicked the watermelon, not the toothpick, so that’s probably why it didn’t work
  • lets appreciate what all lia's counter has been put through and how lia does it all for us to have amazing content
  • Aurelie Sutcliffe
    love it when ppl try out tik toks, mainly u you are my role model you never fail to make me happy or laugh im sure we can all agree.
  • Michael May
    Yup, the reason the silver works on ice is exactly that, it transfers heat better than any other known metal which means that it's not absorbing the cold but transferring heat to melt the ice.
  • Spinel💖
    She always cheers me up when I’m bored😁🌟
  • Izzy!
    For anyone who wants to try the ice and silver trick, this also works with any coins, earrings, necklaces, etc as long as they aren’t wooden or string pearls
  • Luigi2262
    For those curious about how the silver in ice thing works, I looked it up, and apparently it’s because silver is one of the best heat conductors available right now. As a result, it can easily conduct heat from the surrounding room right into the ice. It also explains why the silver felt so cold after she tested this: all of the heat the silver got from the room quickly went into the ice, so the silver had much less heat after

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  • Pia Hrovatin
    I love how she kept trying to break the watermelon by flicking the toothpick instead of flicking the watermelon like she was supposed to😂😂
  • badger_
    here’s a tip: when you make bottled honey, you pour it in and all. and then if it doesn’t fill to the top, just flip it upside down and put it into the freezer. <3
  • Jace
    i love how she tried to contain the fizzing just to dump the excess in her counter later lmaoo 😭
  • Slim Jim
    The reason the silver cuts the ice is actually very simple. The silver absorbs a lot of the surrounding heat from the room, making it every bit of room temperature, even a little warmer. So it allows the silver to melt the ice faster then it would melt on its own.
  • Crazy Kids Online
    I loved to see how happy SSSniper Wolf was to find the ball in the can
  • let's take a minute to appreciate the hard work she puts in the videos she posts every single day doesn't matter if she is sick so thank u Lia appreciate the hard work
  • Julia
    So a little tip if you want to freeze a full small cola bottle of honey you will need it to stay in the freezer for like 10 hours or more. It really depends on the amount of honey. hope this helped you!
  • Pro tip to make frozen honey: Get one of those tiny bottles, fill half with honey, and the other half with cornstarch. Flip it upside down and put it in your freezer and wait, hope this helped! Also you don't need to use a small bottle, but it usually works better.
  • Froggy Playz
    My favorite kind of videos from her 1-oddly satisfying videos 2-trying out tiktok trends
  • Syd
    I am so glad people like sssniperwolf create content to entertain us all 😃
  • Soulds
    i really love when lia does life hacks. its actually really fun to watch and sometimes she's rlly funny in them. Lia's awesome!
  • Lola
    I love her energy in every single video , it's always the same making me laugh 😂
    I've been feeling really ill lately and I've just been chilling watching your videos which makes me feel that little bit better !!