Is this end of Yeezy & Adidas?

Published 2022-08-03

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  • Shisui Uchiha
    Adidas has also created false scarcity with the Yeezy line, something that goes against his plan to make the widely available
  • Mike
    Yeezy shoes have the capacity to be on their own.
  • Naveen Magapu
    Adidas losing Yeezy will be a big blow. But I worry for Yeezy going solo too as he needs to handle a lot more logistics and Yeezy supply usually the worst place to cop.
  • Erockbar
    Do it and then all my Yeezys will skyrocket in price
  • jason v
    Hear me out… imagine kanye signs with reebok, brings back the s carters or the bears… hell kanye pulling a kobe and being a FA making shoes for every brand
  • Derrick Pfohl
    He’s under contract until 2026 so they have 4 years to make this right, I wouldn’t sweat it.
  • KOA Kicks
    We might be living through the final run of Adidas x Yeezy. Enjoy it while we can, fam.
  • Addino
  • am3rgam3r
    Cought cough, let’s forget the fact Ye stole some designs by Adidas
  • Tn duo
    This year Yeezy day wasn’t good at all.. the only one shoe I was excited about was the turtle dove, and then confirmed app has to ruined that for me smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Gabe C
    Just don't go back to nike, we need more sneaker hype between the sportswear companies
  • Syrth
    And now collab with “Praying” glad acidias is breaking down
  • NoStrings
    This happens all the time . You make something and they already have a prototype of it
  • Arbian Shala
    kanye being furious about yeezy day while he sees his bank account fill up with his 15% royalties on every pair sold