Jax writes Songs TikTok compilation (@jaxwritessongs) (part1)

Published 2022-04-01

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  • Ginger Daddy
    OML the ''I'm GayEeEeE''' deserves a grammy
  • Emily
    The “boy that broke her heart” should be famous for that angelic sound escaping his lips
  • Regan
    The girl who writes songs wrote some of my fav songs and I think she should take up her own career as a singer she is great.
  • Ave_IsBrave
    the girl who wrote the katy Perry songs deserves more love. her voice is so pretty she should be a singer herself. no no not just a singer, a WORLD-FAMOUS singer. Also the ginger song(s), I am a ginger. But I still like the twist.
  • Gina
    The best thing about these is how willing the guest are to play along. They literally put their all into it and it awesome
  • KeyKey Duck
    The, " I'm gayy, and if I was straight you still wouldn't be my type" killed me, and the babysitting one too
  • Bxreze
    Jax always is so good at singing
  • kid
    The "IM GAYYYY" "IM GAY SIS" "but u still wouldn't be my type is I were straight 💀😭" got me cracked up
  • Haajrah Shah
    " But you still wouldn't be my type if I were straight. "
    The sass and savagery 😂
  • Lyra Slagle
    Wow all the Kathy party songs that are good weren’t even wrote by her!! CREDIT TO HER!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • {Ari8s}
    Bonnie McKee definitely deserves to be more then just a sing writer because she has one of the most beautiful voices if ever heard❤️
  • Reese M
    Brad is probably so ashamed of himself now that Derek’s famous
  • Can we just appreciate how her voice and skills are so amazing?! 😍🥰
    (Edit) Omg Tysm for 47 likes this is the most I have ever had!
  • ThatOneBisexual
    Bonnie McKee should sing a duet with Katy Perry! They would sound AWESOME together!!
  • ~Call_ me Cleo~
    Omg when girl who writes songs for Katy Perry sings Roar I just ...

    Just! AMAZING
  • mADeliNe
    The first guy had a great voice!
  • mAnUnItEd_vIdZ
    The, "You still wouldn't be my type if I were straight." NAHH THATS SOME ROAST MY G