Nightcore - I'll Be Good - 1 Hour [Requested]

Published 2017-12-20
I'll Do It Soon :P

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  • dreamy Dreams
    I'll be good....I'll be good....for all the times I never could... 😞
  • dreamy Dreams
    Dude there's should be a 1000000000000000000000000000000 hours of this😂
  • 🤔whyyouhere?
    This video made me fill better and cryed a couple of times thank you
  • Kasey Ballard
    ~Nightcore - I'll Be Good [Lyrics]~
    +I though I saw the devil, This morning.....+
    +Looking in the mirror, Drop of rum on my tongue+
    +With the warning, To help me see myself clearer....+
    +I never meant to start a fire, I never make... you bleed+
    +I'll be a better man today! I'll be good I'll be good+
    +And I'll.... Love the world like I should. +
    - Yeah-
    +I'll be good For all of the times I never could...+
    +My past has tasted bitter, For years now+
    +So I wield an Iron fist, Grace is just weakness+
    +Or so I've been told, I've been cold, I've been merciless.....+
    +But the blood on my hands Scare me to death...Maybe I'm Waking up...Today+
    +I'll be good I'll be good.
    And I'll.... Love the world like I should. +
    +I'll be good I'll be good!+
    (I'll be good, I'll be good)
    +For all of the light that I shut out....For all of the innocent things That I doubt+
    +For all of the bruises I've caused and the tears, For all of the things I've done...All these years+
    - No -
    +Yeah For all of the sparks that I Stomped out+
    +For all of the perfect things that I doubt..+
    +I'll be good I'll be good.
    +And I'll.... Love the world like I should. +
    +Yeah, I'll be good, I'll be good
    +For all of the times....
    I never could, oh, oh-oh
    +Oh, oh
    Oh, oh-oh
    +For all of the times I never could
    +All of the times I never could.....+

    I hope you Enjoyed! Have a wonderful day!
  • Lee
    Thank you for making this! It's really useful on tablet version of the website, where you can't loop videos!
  • Mia Cotterill
    This sing... i love it so much it warms my heart makes me feel better about my life and i want it to stay like this forever
  • Keke Tepe
    This song made me cry but it changed my heart around people I've done wrong to and made me changed
  • Clever Cookie
    I love it so much listening to it second or third hour
  • Mitsumi Yasu
    My past has tasted bitter, for years now.So I wield an iron fist. Grace is just weakness, or so I've been told.I've been cold, I've been merciless.But the blood on my hands scares me to death.
  • jungmi nam
    And I’ll love the world like I should...

  • For my whole life I've been an asshole, now I feel trapped in the personality I've set up for myself. This song perfectly describes how I've felt, and I love this song. Whenever I feel down I listen to it, and I think, "I can change. I'll be good, as he says."
  • rowboat
    This is recommended? I recommend it 10 hours xP
  • Coral Hunter
    My auntie had cancer in her leg and the doctors managed to get it out...but..... it came back, in her leg, it spread up to her lungs, she has 6 tumors in her lungs ( cancer in her leg and lungs) and the doctors said they can help her and I am crying as I type this, she is getting married in March so hopefully she makes it till then, I can’t live without her, she was amazing, pretty, and one of the best aunties in the world.....
  • erxnjr
    Tobio :( i love him, he’s so adorable
  • Lps Waterfall
    This song makes me stare at my food and think why eat... I'm fat anyways...