3 Genius LEGO Products!

Published 2022-11-22
#shorts #lego

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All Comments (21)
  • “Two to three genius Lego- “
    My whole family: where’s the credit card at?!?
  • @ore20
    Now people will have a great time stepping on my phone
  • @ponkiepopz
    Lego is actually one of the coolest toys ever, let alone being fused with technology accessories
  • i have that mug, put a plane on it, but hearing "you can have Spider-Man climbing into your beverage" just had me dying
  • @Pacavi
    imagine thinking that phone handle will actually prevent you from dropping your phone lmao
  • @TGWT
    “I made a steering wheel so i can play racing games while driving!”
  • @ShortAnt
    Bro I had all of these growing up and they were a game changer with Lego 💀
  • @entitynat
    Oh hell yes i need to get this on Christmas—
  • I'm not gonna lie,the thumbnail for this short had me thinking you had Jaundice
  • @theworm7156
    Everyone right now: I can’t believe I’m here this early
    Me: imagine the feel of those studs on your hands while browsing yt
  • @ack_ack_jack
    I genuinely just enjoy your videos. Thank you for your hard work
  • Bro the Lego mug with the wheels to “drink on the go” to a whole new level 💀
  • @madumeracaabi
    I can't imagine drinking from the cup would be pleasant
  • @maxshowler
    I’m literally taking a sip of tea out of that mug right now 😂😂