Koala Gets Kicked Out Of Tree and Cries!

Published 2016-01-02
Move over toddlers, this is how you tantrum! This little Koala never gives up and persistence paid off - it won the tree by nightfall! I felt so sorry for this poor bubba, it was heart breaking to watch and so very hard to not to go comfort it, but I don't interfere with wild animals and will call koala rescue / 1300koalaz for advice (as I did for this situation).

I would love to introduce you to 'Koala Life', a local organisation I'd love to support. It would be amazing if you can support this wonderful organisation.
"Koala Life (formerly The International Koala Centre of Excellence) was first established in 2018 to support research into koala management and conservation. Koala Life will help us to understand koala population dynamics; improve koala health and well-being; partner internationally to help establish and maintain stable and sustainable populations across the country and; increase the international effort to conserve koalas. Koala Life is leading a collaborative survival strategy, supported by the best science and research to ensure koalas do not disappear within our lifetime. And because a future without koalas is unthinkable, ensuring their survival and long-term sustainability right now (not tomorrow) is an urgent priority".

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All Comments (21)
  • Little koala: Γ†EEEE Γ†EEEE big koala: πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·
  • @RCT3Crashes100
    Koala #1: "AAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Koala #2: [Motorcycle noises]
  • @Kivalt
    It's been many years, but I still think about this little guy from time to time.
  • @User13-03
    As a landlord Koala I can confirm that this is how tenant Koalas don't pay rent and try to gain sympathy in front of media when kicked out
  • @MakoRuu
    You Australians sure have some weird looking squirrels.
  • @lukeskywalkerr2
    somebody need to setup a go fund me for this koala to get its own tree
  • @natannery5206
    The little koala's deeper cries at the end are the audible manifestation of his forced maturity, the result of his understanding of how cruel the world can be.
  • @jlv11b
    It's been 7 years since that happened, I was just walking past that spot and he's still down there crying.
  • @FBI-kw6iz
    The FBI will investigate this matter.
  • @PoundKeyz
    This is what happens when you ignore the eviction notice.
  • @lucindamiao722
    Aww poor koala feel really sorry for it❀ just wanna give it a hug😒
  • KoalaΒ΄s a very territorial when it comes to a tree they like. When they find a tree they like and claim as their own, they rarely leaves that tree for long periods. That other Koala likely also found the tree to his liking and dragged the other one down to claim it for themselves. That sad screeching sound is actually a sound they make when they try to intimidate someone
  • @lenaoxton3999
    Maybe the other one didn't think he was Koalafied to be there.
  • @halee9888
    Lady: there's plenty of trees.. Koala: there's also plenty of houses but are they urs?
  • i come back to this video when I'm having an especially hard day. This little one expresses everything I'm feeling perfectly.
  • @Mr_Valentin.
    There's another tree literally half a meter away Koala kid: EEEEAAHHHH
  • @D_ND_H
    When he said AYÆ EH, I felt that
  • Wow, what a bully!!! Meanwhile, little cutie pie is still crying... 😊