Ghost - Mary On A Cross (Live In Tampa 2022)

Published 2022-09-22

We wish to inform you that all good things must come to an end. Although the US Imperatour will wrap this weekend we wanted
to leave you with this token of our appreciation for your continued support. Watch “Mary on a Cross – Live from Tampa 2022”

Directed by Ryan Chang
Additional Camera Operators: Jacob Shepherd, Randy Edwards and Casey Steinmiller.
Audio recording by Matt Kogel
Mixed by Hayden C Scott
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All Comments (21)
  • @MJTheEnigma
    My favorite thing about ghost fans is the diversity you see in the audience. Old guard metalheads, teens, and everyone in between. It’s so wholesome.
  • @Cayde-6sHorn
    Can we talk about how beautiful the drums sound?
    Seriously, they're wonderful.
  • @Saturnin745
    I'm just discorvering this band, and wow I'm speechless. Like, I literally just fall in love with them. That''s awesome
    Thank you
  • @crtlshift_c48
    I really love the way the organ played in this magnificent piece!
  • My 16 year old cousin introduced me to them. I was so impressed with how cool and distinct her tastes in music have become. These guys are dope.
  • @SanjayaLimbu1
    Everything is beautiful about this song. I really really loved it.
  • @vitale08
    I was in the pit, and they got so close it felt like a dream. The crowd was so harmonized it blew my mind.
  • @traviswebb8003
    This is a song my papa use to sing actually, you might like this one!

    And thus begun my discovery of the best band I’ve ever known.
  • @ryno79
    saw these guys in houston the other night. i work security so i had to be there but i knew nothing about these guys before hand but let me tell you of all the big concerts i have ever worked these guys had audience participation going crazier than i have seen at any of the big time concerts. their show was awesome with a mixture of a very entertaining lead all the way to the band who absolutely killed it. lead has freddie mercury vibes for sure and he didn't disappoint. if you see ghost coming to your town it's way worth the price of admission.
  • @user-ki8fh8fb4i
    the harmonies in this song are next level, so good, they are absoutely beautiful.
  • @jennymunday7913
    The thing I really like about this version is you can hear the fans singing along too and it's really beautiful.
  • @Vulkynx
    I'm a metal guy through and through, metallica, slipknot, killswitch engage, dimmu borgir, as i lay dying. But none of them really compare to Ghost. When i see the diversity and the love in this crowd and everyone singing along it makes a grown man cry. and yeah i am dead serious. Seeing all these people come together is something that we need so much more of. We are capable of so much more than who we are right now.
  • @austux731
    3:01 and 3:09, swiss voice sends shivers down my back every time, his voice is so beautiful I literally cannot get it out of my head and keep coming back just to hear this part over and over again
  • @anne-ni7yo
    holy shit the audio and image quality… I wish we had more high quality live videos like this. ghost’s visuals and stage presence are no joke.
  • @Lazyhax
    His voice is just a masterpiece 😍 ✨️ 🤧 💖 ❤️ 💕 😍