Krystal Keith & Lance Carpenter - Anyone Else

Published 2018-01-23
Music video by Krystal Keith & Lance Carpenter performing Anyone Else. (C) 2018 Show Dog, LLC

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  • @annstuhler9761
    Toby said that his daughter had the voice of an angel, and so did his mother. He was right.
  • I love this song beautiful job both of them. This is true country it's won me over. She has a lot of Toby in her beautiful voice.!
  • @user-ls9xs5ik3e
    My thoughts and prayers to the Keith family May God bless you all sorry for your loss ❤️🙏🇱🇷💙
  • @verahoward2341
    This is pure country at its finest ! Congratulations on your success. I love this song very heartfelt.
  • @TasiaLarge
    You sound strong and powerfull. Nothing like the energy of a mom who has to everything done before the kids get home. Good luck. You know he is watching you. That goes for all of us Toby fans too ❤tas
  • @sheaevans1534
    This is a great song that should be getting airplay. What the hell are they smokin up there in Nashville!! A video doesn't stumble upon 1.3 Million views for no reason. It starts slow but really starts cookin when Krystal enters her solo. Great performance by Lance and Krystal. As a songwriter myself you're lucky if you write one song this powerful in your lifetime. Kudos to everyone involved.
  • @karmincarr7096
    Why the heck is this song NOT on the radio?????  Love it!  Toby, take are of things, dude!
  • The song sounds so great I love the strength in the voices It sounds so country. Bravo encore!
  • @AnneCherch
    What a lovely song. I love country duets. And your voices blend in so harmoniously.
  • Please Krystal share your beautiful voice with the rest of us. Your voice is so clear and pretty. I can listen to you sing over and over. Oh my goodness, your daddy would be smiling down at you and he'd be there right next to you. All your Daddys fans would be so happy!! You have such a feminine clear voice. And you are very beautiful, too.
  • amazing krystal Keith is absolutely something special! lance and her brought exactly what country music needs right now! i completely embraced this ❤️💙
  • @jonniesmith6671
    Just when I thought there wasn't another way to say "I love you" in a song
  • Love this song. I can just listened to this over and over, never get tired of it.
  • Good morning again. Don't forget to keep voting for Krystal and Lance so their beautiful Duet 'Anyone Else' will Top the Charts. Their voices and lyrics to this song is so meaningful especially at a time when Valentine's Day comes around wanting to be with the one person you love than anyone else.