Hygenist’s Husband Gets AGGRESSIVE #shorts

Published 2022-08-03

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  • Xonifu
    Hey dentist can I get a angel brush “who” the guy in the blue shirt getting a little aggressive

  • Lil bris
    Nick seems like he liked carina husband flirting ~ it’s kinda sus
  • Roe Woods
    No don't do it nick! You should get him to think that you left but only come when he is not there
  • Tell him she was trying flirt with him but didn’t want to make it obvious
  • Hannah Bayot
    Wow I think the ppl who all commented here was early (I don’t mean it in a bad way)
  • Rosemary Perez
    So the way you deal with this is you tell her he made me say it okay Jared made me say it and then say sorry after
  • Jaber Odeh
    When the light is on your face it glows
  • MattVega
    I thought the husband was going to flirt or somethjng
  • Krionei
    Just flirt with the husband

    “There’s only one true way…
    It’s best to be very ghey”
    -masteroogway I think
  • Hex
    Bro I saw the dentist nose
    Bro looked like a viliger💀
  • Pretend ur gonna do it then the next day tell everything to Corina and he's dead