Game Deals - Scott The Woz

Published 2022-11-20

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  • Thomas
    What Scott wants in his $70 games:

    A sense of humor
    Good looking
    Debt Forgiveness
    Clean Laundry
    Clean Hamper
    Dirty Clothes
    A Mini-Fridge
    Not a Fridge
    Ants (The Bug)
    Aunts (The Bug)
    Smooth Controls
    A Nice Menu
    A Nice Father
    A Bratty Younger Brother
    A Brother
    Fleas (The Bug)
    A Witch
    Two Witches
    A Third Witches?
    No, That's Too Much
    Go Back to Two
    Two Was a Good Number for Witches
    You Know What?
    Three Was Fine
    Good Gameplay
    A Clean Bill of Health
  • Peter Dueland
    I'm constantly amazed at what Scott is willing to break for the sake of a 5 second bit
  • Kingslayer
    As a 37 year old with over 500 games, I find it hard to pay any more than $40 for a new experience. The urgency of playing new games as soon as they are released has faded almost entirely and I find myself content to simply wait for the games to go on sale nowadays
  • For my entire childhood, I was repeatedly surprised that the latest Zelda (at the time) is the same price as the shovelware. I almost understand it now, but it still feels wrong.
  • Actually a few days ago I came across a pretty good deal. I had $25 in my PS four account and I was gonna buy Detroit become human. The deluxe version was available for $15 which came with artwork and music from Detroit become human and freaking heavy rain. Baseline DBH was $20. I got the Deluxe Edition. I think that was a really good deal
  • Hyperleap
    Elden ring at launch (plus it includes a post card set, poster and stickers) for €40 is a nearly unmatched deal.
  • Ari the when
    Scott making his videos free to watch is a deal of it's own
  • Bob Barrows
    It's crazy how common this is in the gaming industry, like imagine if movies release with half finished CGI and they told you that the DVD will be finished
  • MrZer093
    There’s a game on the Switch called Cardfight Vanguard: Dear Days where it’s digital only and the base game is $70 and the season pass is also $70. It released 2 days before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s based off a real life but fairly obscure trading card game. I’m not sure what they’re going for here
  • Brandon Li
    You could always get them from eBay, game stores or pawn shops
  • technumb
    I have stuck to this idea of $1 per hour of entertainment when it comes to gaming and if a game give say 40 hours for $20 dollars I then take the extra $20 worth of value and subtract it from the consoles price.

    Yes it's dumb but when everything else is so expensive for entertainment and what not it seems to be a very financially sound way to spend a small amount for hours of entertainment while taking into account one or more consoles.

    I do also wait for games to go on sale, I'm not spending $70 ever, plenty of games to play while others drop (still waiting on $20 eldenring)
  • Tohu Bohu
    Think we can all agree ps extra is an amazing deal. 90 bucks a year for well over 90 dollars worth of games, the only real disadvantage is the ridiculously sudden removals of games, they really do need to give you warning a month in advance in case theres a game you were interested in finishing before it leaves
  • IcedCappLord
    Man said "game deals" and showed a first party Switch game. Fantastic humor as always Scott
  • Rullies 123
    Zelda breath of the wild for $35 is such an amazing deal
  • Andrew
    I bought Minecraft on 360 for twenty bucks. The game received multiple updates, adding so much new content for no additional price. They could have charged five to ten bucks for updates.
  • Joro
    You can get fallout 3 game of the year edition for like ten bucks, amazing deal!
  • Gamilu Levi
    Honestly something important to mention is inflation. Like the mortal kombat trilogy image shows mario 64 and pilotwings 64 at 60$ each. However, that’s almost 120$ in todays money compared to 1996. And at the same time, games are much more expensive to produce now

    So gaming got cheaper because of inflation but making it got more expensive. I don’t mind the price increases frankly
  • ftbllguy2
    As an owner of a switch, ps5, and Xbox one s, I have to say gamepass ultimate for Xbox is the best deal. $15/month pays for your Xbox live, grants you day 1 access to Microsoft titles, and gives you access to a massive library of games that's only grown (to my knowledge without removing anything).
  • Vailskibum
    All is right in the world when we finally get another Sunday Scott The Woz drop
  • Hard 2 Place
    Hollow Knight for $15 was and still is honestly a great deal. The amount of content in that game is easily comparable to most AAA games released around the same time such as Mario Odyssey, but not only is the post-final boss stuff way more entertaining and replayable in Hollow Knight IMO, they also released four DLCs that were all free at launch that gave an extra 20+ hours of content or something like that. I would have paid $60 for the game but $15 was an amazing deal. I really hope Silksong isn't $60 though because I'm broke lol