iPhone 14 TEARDOWN! - You're not going to believe it...

Published 2022-09-21
Finally - an iPhone that's more reparable than an Android! Check out www.Ridge.com/JerryRig & use code 'JerryRig' to get 10% off your new wallet and FREE world wide shipping. Huge thanks to Ridge Wallet for sponsoring this video. The new iPhone is here! The iPhone 14 survived my durability test and now we get to see how its assembled. Screen comes off easy! And now... what is this... the back glass comes off easy too?! Who abducted Tim Cook? Blink twice if you need help.... I for one am extremely pleased with the direction Apple is going... a few more steps like this and I might just have to see how it feels having an iPhone in my pocket...

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  • Finally - an iPhone that's even more reparable than an Android! Check out www.ridge.com/JerryRig & use code 'JerryRig' to get 10% off your new wallet and FREE world wide shipping. Huge thanks to Ridge Wallet for sponsoring this video.
  • Der Fuchs
    This is huge! It’s just kinda odd Apple didn’t advertise this at all. They put in so much work completely redesigning the phone on the interior while it still looks exactly the same from the outside. Guess they didn’t talk about it because they would have had to admit wrongdoing in the past lol
  • Omg u didn't even tell me you were gonna feature the screwdriver! Thanks man! :D - LS
  • Sytse Dierckx
    You have no idea how happy this makes me as an Apple authorized service provider.
  • TimeBucks
    Waiting for 14 pro max tear down
  • Traveling Ken
    Your commentary while taking apart a phone is the greatest! The random humour is perfectly timed.
  • Daniel Moss
    I hereby nominate you for the best pull tab pull of all time @6:58. One hell of a perfect pull.
  • Delta
    I can see a iPhone 14 transparent being more possible now
  • IamZeus1100
    There’s something so captivating yet unsettling about watching Zach put these phones through the ringer inside and out . I’m glad he does tho , it’s so informative
  • This replaceable back glass is a bigger deal than you would think. This opens up a very niche world of customization, where you can have different colored rails than your back glass. Maybe I'll try red rails and black back glass.
  • I love this new iPhone line up, mainly cuz of this exact reason. The ONLY thing Apple really screwed over with the regular models is the lack of 120hz... If it only had that one singular feature it'd be a MUCH better value.
  • TexRobNC
    I haven't seen the inside of a phone in detail in quite a few years. It's insane, you may as well call it modular, it's damn close.
  • I’m super happy about the display and back glass being easily replaced, but that charging port is insane lol. It’s a worthy compromise though IMO.
  • GlitchyChaos
    That one snapped pulltab knew it couldnt compete against the first one. It threw the white towel immediatly lmao
  • Dookie
    The problem with the screen replacement is that you should always disconnect the battery first before doing anything to your phone. This means to change the screen you need to open the back aswell to disconnect the battery first
  • Zopen zop
    Listening to Jerry crack subtle sarcastic jokes in such a calm manner is so satisfying
  • Corgano
    If only the charge port was more accessible, still nice to see that it's getting better. Just gotta worry about software locks that server no legitimate purpose.
  • Chiron
    Actually that charging flex is a huge improvement over previous versions where you had to basically disassemble the entire phone body because it included most of the buttons and sensors... And was routed all the way under the motherboard. I'll happily take a few more screws.
  • fallofshadows
    Shoutout to Ridge wallets! I got the key holder a while back, and after some abuse one of the screws holding the pocket clip came off of it when I took it out of my pocket. The screw is tiny, and was immediately lost. I emailed Ridge looking for a replacement screw (or even just the screw size) and they ended up shipping me a replacement key holder for free.
  • Ezenwa Joseph
    "We have to used Alcohol to drown the rest of our problems"
    This line got me laughing 🤣 😂