NFL Sunday Ticket | Migration

Published 2024-02-07
Football season is ending. But don’t worry, it’ll be back. As certain as the sun, it always comes back. Be ready for next season with NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV, where you can watch every game, every Sunday. Sign up now and save $50.

New users save $50 on NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV. Ends 2/28. Terms and embargoes apply. No refunds. NFL Sunday Ticket includes out-of-market Sunday games, excludes digital-only games and international games. Locally broadcast Fox and CBS games and Sunday Night Football on NBC available on YouTube TV.

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  • the fact that the players had to pretend to fly and flap their ‘wings’ on a green screen block in front of a green screen is funny to me
  • The fact that there is no greenscreen for this. they litterally were strapped to harnesses zooming through the air while flapping their arms around.

    The girl on the couch is a youtuber and did a behind the scenes of that day.
  • @judyd1921
    Best part - Sean Evans eating a hot wing! ♥
  • People saying no Falcons or Cardinals, the TV shows footage from the Falcons-Cardinals game from this past season!
  • @ryangebman4625
    Awesome to see Mono and Inyo Counties in the very scenic Eastern Sierra getting featured in the Super Bowl!!!
  • @laniesider2586
    One of my favorite Super Bowl commercial along with State Farm.
  • @Cara-39
    As a lifelong Eagles fan, I love this commercial! Our motto is - there's always next year!
  • @highwayexpert66
    Dallas Cowboys fan but this is one of my favorite nfl commercials
  • @SWHalo2
    Make an ad about all the NFL cat teams: the Lions, Bengals, Jaguars, and Panthers
  • @JaydaaBoo09
    i saw this yesterday and immediately thought where’s the Falcons?? 😔
  • This was the best Superbowl commercial sticking with Superbowl or NFL themed. To include all the bird teams including the Arizona Cardinals made me want the other 28 NFL team spoofs. 😂 I got the subtle "teams who made it to the Superbowl" and today's vs yesterday's documentary spoof of "bird NFL mascot teams" dark humor fun. I can see the N.Y. Giants in the lands today owned by other giants or Pittsburgh Steelers who can't get there anymore by team "stealers" of the other AFC playoff teams etc. spoofs fun 😂
  • @Endureth
    Was that the guy from "Hot Ones" eating chicken wings at 0:38?
  • @glorbnic
    Expected to see Cardinals sitting at a bird feeder. 😊
  • Was never allowed to go to games and then was working my own way through college and life. I DO feed the birds and love this! I've sent it to several friends who watched the game but all missed this one. It's a hoot!
  • @wenfot4193
    Tyler Lockett Squawking! Love it!!! What a fun ad.