Offset - FAN (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-09-15
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Girl you tried to break my heart, did it make you happy? (did it make you happy)
You were supposed to hold me down, but it didn’t happen (you were supposed to hold me down)
Now I’m over it, thank god I'm over it (thank god)
Tired of stressing about what I can't control, I think I'm better on my own (hey!)
I kicked all the fuck n**gas out my circle
They don't know how that shit feel, that really hurt you (phew)
But im nonchalant, they never gonna know
Word to my mama, she ain't never raised no hoe (word to my mama)
My heart ain't racing, it's barely beating slow
If they want smoke, if I see them it’s a go (smoke)
Its Fuck that n**ga, fuck that bitch (fuck em)
Fuck everybody, cause you know they gon switch (hey!)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (hey)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (hey)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (woo)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches
Verse 1:
Baby we just fucking, this is not no love at first sight
I can't take you serious, I fucked you on the first night
Had that thing squirting, pussy popping like a perc right?
Said I broke your heart and hurt your feelings, it ain't work right?
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (everybody)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, Fuck them n**gas and them bitches (lets roll)
Verse 2:
Girl fuck that n**ga, he ain’t about shit (nothing)
You can be my engineer shorty, how you bounce it (bounce it)
Promise if you suck it baby, I can make your mouth rich (promise)
Put pearls on your neck, I bet I make it match your outfit (match, woo)
Keep it low, don't you announce it
Quick to cut you off, n**ga I ain't with the nonsense (nah)
Fuck getting it out the mud, Bitch I had to move a mountain (mud)
Diamonds on my neck, that shit pure water like a fountain (pure water)
Yeah, I'm taking your bitch, I take her for ransom (ransom)
She lying, she telling me it that it ain't even my money, she say that I'm handsome (cap)
She hop in the whip, she throwing that ass, she throwing that shit like a tantrum (throw it)
I'm pulling her hair, she don't even care, she want me to bust like a handgun (let's go)
I turn her to my favorite stripper (stripper), cause I’m that n**ga (n**ga)
My watch worth 6 figures (figures), my bank bigger (bigger)
She want me fuck the best friend and (friend and) the big sister (sister)
I bend her up we playing twister (twister), and then I kick her (outtie)
Out the crib when I’m finished (woo), go figure (woo)
I just popped an e-pizzle (E), my blunt lit up (hey)
I had way to much sizzurp (sizzurp), in my liver (woo)
I keep me 2 freaky bitches (freaky), they both scissor (woo woo woo)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them n**gas)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them bitches)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (everybody)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches (hey!)

Music video by Offset performing FAN. Motown Records; © 2023 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • @pitchvoice3926
    Never disappoint. Love paying tribute to the king of pop
  • I’m so proud of Offset. Watching him grow as an artist is a real treat. This is HEAT 🔥🔥🔥
  • Offset is one of the best rapper alive. that's true authentic v i e w s gave him the boost just like many other famous artists but no one can deny the fact he is super talented!! Thumbs up who agree with me
  • @mykelcurry794
    He's got a new energy about him now days! This song is on a way higher frequency than anything on his previous albums. I dont know what's going on in his life, but im excited for him
  • Because of his unmatched brilliance, let's hope and pray that the industry doesn't overlook this brother! #FAN
  • @Shasgirl
    This video just kept blowing my mind every 10 seconds. I was like WTF?! Great job. I'm rooting for Offset for real. He's been growing on me more and more as a performer, but this video got it for him as an artist! #FAN
  • @IkDion
  • Respect to Offset for keeping the King of Pop alive 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • @Blackhandside91
    This how music videos used to be !! And the fact Set did some choreography in this made it even more 🔥🔥🔥

    More of this !!!
  • @jaydub5086
    Inspired by the great Michael Jackson. Good to see homage being paid to those who paved the way. Salute Offset 🫡
  • now this is row talent you can't ignore it....I'm proud of you offset 🎉❤❤
  • @lisam4631
    So much love for you and your family, OFFSET!! Keep grinding
  • @LenaSimone845
    A wonderful and genius blend of trending hip-hop and the musical brilliance of MJ, I am officially a FAN! ❤🕶
  • @popobritton5430
    I just feel like it’s so much hate being pushed on social media that they are missing out on real talent. This is🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • @jmasMusic
    ❤offset inspired me to go all in with my music . He was just like me , an artist trying to get heard .And now he's on top. It's happening for me , and I'm not stopping when it does !❤
  • @applehead5313
    Es increíble como Michael Jackson no sólo ha inspirado a casi toda la industria de la música, tanto del pop, como de distintos géneros, simplemente: The King of Music