The Nuno Bettencourt Solo Everyone is Talking About

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Simon Psychosis
    I can't begin to tell you just how happy it makes me feel to FINALLY see Nuno getting the credit he's been due, for so long now. Genius.
  • Jerrold Hewson
    My friend Steve Borisenko was Nuno’s guitar tech for years. He told me stories where he would break a string in concert and finish the solo and song as if nothing happened, one time he showed up to practice late (not neglect) was handed a guitar for the song they were doing, realized it was alternate tuned, then instantly transposed the song to make it work. He said he was a very down to Earth generous guy.
  • Andy Stagger
    Nuno deserves credit period… this guy can freaking play ❤
  • Music Nerd
    Nuno and Matt Bellamy are the two guitar players that make my jaw drop most often nowadays.
  • canestim
    Nuno is a guitar legend. He's also such a humble guy with a great attitude. Rick you got to get him on the channel.
  • The fact that your channel is so successful is changing music’s place in culture. Not only do you help people learn how to play, they’re learning how to listen and how complex making music really is.
    Thank you for the work you do - along with others like Tim Pierce and Tomo Fujita.
  • Mark Manson
    Nuno has been the "your favorite guitarist's favorite guitarist" guy for decades now. Maybe the best rock musician ever that non-musicians don't know about.
  • Ant A
    If you're a longtime Nuno fan you'll recognise a lot of the ideas in this solo. It's like a Best of Nuno, and we're all ok with that.
  • Paul Coats
    I agree...the “Rest In peace” solo is amazingly good!!! 🎸
  • Rick really makes you love the music even more. I mean, you heard the song, you heard the artist, but did you listen carefully? Every video is gold discovering.
  • Regan Tacon
    Nice one Rick! Definitely an awesome solo - Nuno is a king! I still feel his solo on Extreme “Stop the World” is one of the best guitar solos ever recorded - perfectly placed and chosen notes 👌 his phrasing is unreal ❤
  • Frank Rodenbaugh
    His solo in "Play With Me" is my favorite of all time. It defined the action chase scene through the mall in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  • Bradley Swanson
    I don’t think we can talk about Extreme without mentioning their criminality underrated 3rd album “III Sides To Every Story”. That thing is a masterpiece. It’s one of the best albums of the 90s and hardly anyone has heard it.
  • CR Wilson
    As noted it was a shame that Extreme was known as a ballad band. So few people understood the power and musicianship of them.
  • Alan Vaughan
    Extreme has always been on the top of my list they are all so talented and they write incredible songs ..Nuno is from an other planet
  • Mac5150
    WOuld love to hear you go through the whole 3 sides album. Cupids Dead is on fire!!
  • robert hall
    His face at 5:46 made my weekend - Nuno and Rick are both national treasures!
  • Brendan Hartnett
    For me, Nuno possesses the a unique ability to absolutely SHRED and REMAIN MUSICAL. Without naming names (and starting a fight), there are guys that are monster players TECHNICALLY but only have brief moments where their skills come across in a song that fits and doesn't come across as a "watch this" moment. THAT'S why Nuno is the best.
  • Stephen Walker
    I like the way Rick still cannot resist playing air guitar even when he's holding an actual guitar! Love it.
  • Extreme is a great band. I've heard tons of their solo and other band projects, and none come close to Extreme. Ready for the new cd.