❧nightcore - salt (1 hour)

Published 2021-10-11
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❦Short Information❦
❧Song: salt
❧Artist: daine ft. oli sykes
❧Video:    • daine - SALT (feat. Oli Sykes) [offic...  
❧Programs: Sony vegas pro 15

ღPicture Infoღ
❧Link: www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92766149
❧Artist: twitter.com/mio__iii
❧Origin: ///
❧Character: original (she still has a name: Miumata Hamito)

ღSong Informationღ
Instagram - instagram.com/d4ine
Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/daine-lauren
Tiktok - www.tiktok.com/@d41n3
Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/4lyCoxLN0aW7nJy5rec0tG?si=…
Apple Music - music.apple.com/au/artist/daine/1512838237

❧Original Song:
   • daine - SALT (feat. Oli Sykes) [offic...  


you clean your teeth before you bite
why is it me you have to spite
i gave in my flag’s white
and suddenly you’re so contrite

i used to draw hearts round your name
now i just draw blood to face another day
and you know i’m not one to make a scene
(the bitter taste of kerosene)
but i’d burn alive to see you scream

pouring salt in my cuts
tears make up my blood now
twist the knife in my gut
to break all my trust

i thought the worst was over
felt you read me like a lover
star-crossed in a midwest summer
torn apart like a paperback drama
never thought we’d be so self-serving
breaking me down to nothing

you pull the same thing every night
why do we still have to fight?
i gave up my flag’s white
just to pretend that we’re alright

pouring salt in my cuts
(is this what we really want)
tears make up my blood now
(i promise it’s not my fault)
twist the knife in my guts
(didn’t think you’d kick me this hard)
to break all my trust
drained all the blood from my heart

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  • @lemxnlatte1475
    EARLY Great song!!!! Keep it up Queen!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
  • @freehugs9241
    Nice picture and this is a good song. Amazing job like always Cloudy. 🖤❤🤍
  • @Ilovecarsmoew
    Hi Cloudy, it’s me Annie the girl you were emailing. This is my mums account so I can actually comment!
    I wanted to say that you did an amazing job like always and I love your uploads sooooo much!!!!!!
    I promise I’ll always try my best to stay up to date with you and your songs!♾
  • @nillyeg
    Whoever disliked this is so mean :( because Cloudy's videos are the best
  • @nvr_kn
    Why you dont have 300k sub YOUR ARE JUST WAW 😍☠️🌺
  • @zacmarken65
    if only those really long ass names that the japanese attach to their novels, manga and anime was as short as the name of this song, its so simple right?
  • @baxter4254
    Can u make Nightcore of corpse new song? One hour is all you do..and I've been waiting for a 1 hr of it- eee please? :3 also I subbed
  • @Luna-hk3kx
    like how do you get thiis amazing anime pics do you like draw them bc if you do ther amazing