I Infiltrated Shrek Fest

Published 2022-09-18
i'm in my redemption era
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  • Karate_Zebra
    Ryan somehow managed to be one of the weirdest people in a shrek festival
  • zycd
    I love how he's clearly introverted, yet he breaks through that and isn't afraid to do this stuff.
  • as someone who genuinely, unironically thinks Shrek is a cinematic masterpiece, i’d like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that ryan used actual music from the movie. what a hero
  • Epic Gardening
    The shared moment of camaraderie "I really thought I had a chance..." absolute gold moment in the story Ryan. KILLER VIDEO
  • Nightmare
    The amount off traumatizing and embarrassing stuff he goes through
    all cheers to ryan
  • Kailan Foster
    Ryan always making new friends in the strangest places is absolutely GLORIOUS
  • alida flus
    Can we just appreciate how much of a legend Tomas is
  • Impernator
    What's more crazy, the fact that there is a "Shrek Festival" or the fact Ryan managed to be the weirdest one there 😂
  • Mobius Studios
    I really appreciate Ryan's willingness to keep a more laid back editing style, leave in fun moments instead of the extremely rapid paced retention machines that plague a lot of YouTube today. Very refreshing.
  • I wish I had a personality like Ryan, who is endearingly and somehow confidently awkward and makes friends everywhere he goes
  • Hollowhead
    The fact that he somehow was weirder than everyone else in a shrek festival is impressive.
  • wnnalis cioov
    So proud of Ryan for staying true to his promise to Dr Mike, to eat his vegetables. Staying true to your tattoo is a W!
  • Rory's Kitchen
    Honestly this is the most appropriate Ryan Trahan video to come back with after such an epic 30 day series, I wouldn’t expect anything less 😂
  • zijuiy wttuy
    The fact that ryan started to eat more veggies by eatting a raw onion is just to funny
  • brandon duke
    I think the reason Ryan is so like-able is he doesn’t try to be anyone he isn’t. He just makes videos that he wants and he is himself. No matter how awkward the situation he jumps in and does what he came to do. I think that people can learn a lot from him and apply that to their life. If you spend your whole life worrying about what others think you’ll die knowing you wasted so much time on trying to please people who don’t matter. Be yourself. Do what makes you happy.
  • Carter Gray
    Shrek and Ryan collab. Never knew I needed it until now.
  • Shanna Lota
    look how far ryan goes to entertain us he ran trough an airport in an lord farquaad suit like he's not embarrassed
  • Preston
    god bless you Ryan! Continue to change the narrative that is Lord Farquaad :yt: