My Birds Laid Eggs...

Published 2023-12-09
Ari and Tofu laid eggs. I am in shambles with the weight of responsibility and humanity I am now burdened with. Life and death are now a mere concept, what is reality. I love having birds so much oh they're just so great :D

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Leslie V
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  • @Berd
  • @oddie97
    I can confirm baby birds would've been a heartbreaking, painful experience. They die easy, they need constant attention and unless you have actual resources to deal with them you're gonna need to become a dedicated, around the clock,bird parent. You made the right call ;w;
  • @Reason_of_joy
    That's why ari was fascinated at the sight of drawers opening and closing because birds feels that it's a good comfy place for nesting
  • @DastanMlbb
    8:51 "are you the father more like is there even a father" is gold
  • @palomino678
    As a pet owner is refreshing to see someone to acknowledge their limitations in pet keeping, and your humane way to get rid of unwanted offspring is also good to see
  • @Rainbowpoopking
    The fortune tellers: "you will have 3 kids" nope Jaiden isn't gonna have 3 kids she's going to have 3 grandkids form the birds she mentioned
  • @haste_pg3d
    Jaiden during Ari's 1st birthday: I dont know what Ari's gender is.

    Jaiden 6 years later: *finally does "gender check"*
  • @Woof_3
    Jaden, the psychics said you'd have 3 babys, you got 3 eggs 💀
  • 4:11 ”Life will not be contained. life breaks free, it expands to new territories, and it crashes through barriers, painfully maybe even dangerously. But life- uh, finds a way.”
  • If this ends up being a repeat problem, another option is possibly find someone who owns an egg eating snake. Those lil guys will happily eat those lil eggies.
  • Oh gosh this animation made me laugh so hard so many times I cannot! X'D
    I'm the proud 'parront' of two whitebellied caiques myself, and I can just imagine the horror of them laying eggs all of a sudden! ... Specially as they are siblings... ^^''
    Thanks for the story, laughs and teachable moments ^^
  • @somethingbanter
    Ari: I consent.
    Tofu: I consent.
    Jaiden: Isn't there someone you forgot to ask?
  • I don't know why, but the sight of Ari screaming and shaking his head after their love dresser gets taken away just kills me every time.
  • @angelcollina
    I know that people were encouraging egg hatching, but you are a good and responsible pet owner for knowing that you could not handle more birbs and doing the right thing.
  • this just reminded me of how you're the reason I've started putting in effort to properly research proper pet car for an animal as simple as a dog, you can care for a dog with daily walks, kibble, training, playtime and such but I want to give a dog the absolute best care I can, so I decided to look into what dog breed can fit into my life style and how to do both kibble and raw feeding, and I really enjoy it and I'm very excited to welcome a puppy into my life within the next few years
  • @Tatkitten
    Straight up, Jaiden. you made the right call on not hatching the eggs. A lt of people think hatching birds is like breeding cats and dogs. It's not. So thank you for being a responsible bird owner (like there ever as any reason to doubt you, but I felt like someone should say it to you regardless.)
  • @AdditionalPixel
    A few years ago, one of my birds died tragically because an egg she was laying got stuck. I felt your pure terror so bad 😭
  • @bean682
    The myth of "consensual" egg laying
    Ari:"I consent"
    Tofu:"I consent"
    Jaiden:"I DON'T!"
    Isn't there someboy you forgot to ask?