The End Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

Published 2022-11-15


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Music by Savannah Outen - The Hard Way -
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Music by Mason Murphy, Parker Rudd - Wake Me Up (Acoustic) -
Music by Obi Ben & Faletti - Stay -
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All Comments (21)
  • @shane
    AHHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!! I hope you guys like the finale!!! I'm so proud of this video and this unexpected journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!! <3333
  • @totallyAud
    I feel like if yall ever decide to collab cosmetically again, a palette or merch line called "Recovery" or "Resurrection" might be really cool where you heal something that was lost, like the Doomsday palette. Still, I'm just glad you both have taken the time to breathe, go to your own spaces, and be creative in your own ways again. I have always loved this friendship no matter what you guys decide to create and put out.

    Keep healing you two. Much love to you all. :thanksdoc:
  • @casey5683
    Watching this and realizing this might be the last first time I watch a Shane and Jeffrey collab is not lost on me 😢
  • @jadecloutier5013
    I would buy that palette without hesitating its soooo good! ❤️
  • This is sad, it was also my best time of my life lol you guys made it better I wish you guys released the palette as a goodbye, it’s bittersweet wish you guys the best 🥺💖
  • @leighhamrick
    I can't help but feel so sad. Shane nailed it: he created the palette to chase the high they'd just been on. But how do you live life after a high THAT high? They'll probably never be there again. It was a once in a lifetime moment, something most of us will never know.

    I'm sad for Shane, I'm sad for Jeffree, hell I'm sad for me. I loved every single episode. It was the best thing on Youtube. Maybe it always will be. It is so fucking typical of human nature that everyone tore it down. Only now, as time has passed, can we see how truly remarkable this moment in time was.

    You guys were amazing. Treasure that.
  • @shalala105
    I mean call me old school, as much as i do enjoy scrolling through shorts and tiktok, I very much still prefer watching a full length makeup reveals/docu series etc. And not many create those anymore. Please don’t stop making long videos Shane, so many people like me still enjoys them 🥲
  • @mads3074
    Ryland is literally the best. The way he was talking to Shane and helping him navigate his feelings is exactly what you want in a partner!
  • @lorainak2278
    I wish you would have released that palette! I love it🥲
  • Shane I hope you and Jeffery remain friends forever, y’all make such great content together! It’s truly amazing how much you love each other!
  • "It's just a little wasp, nothing to be scared of... AHAHHHHHHHHHHH" by Ryland KILLEd me xD
  • I still can't finish watching the last minutes of this video because the music is so freaking sad and nostalgiccc I can't take it but i need to watch
  • Shane and Jeffree are pretty cool together. Maybe someday they will be okay posting a video together from time to time. 🤷🏼‍♂️ but it’s also ok as an audience member to remember that these are their lives and I have no right to expect them to show me things about their lives if they aren’t interested in that. I’m happy that in all of the world craziness of the past few years there is this—a place where some sobriety has emerged.
  • @sophiaperez4858
    I don’t think Shane and Jeffree understand the impact they made in our lives from their series together. It is so bittersweet but I’m happy for both. I will never forget this ever.
  • @harperp7876
    Shane’s cowboy hat being backwards half the time is killing me 😭😂💀still love it tho 🫶🫶
  • I need y’all too put that pallet In stores we need it ❤😢
  • this feels like a warm memory... eh.. i would love to see the release of 2nd pallet and... all this was repeated again💘
  • @laneybot9920
    it made me cry. You have been the biggest part of my life forever. I’ve watched you since I was like nine years old and I feel like I’ve grown up with you. You’re the big brother that I wish I had. Thank you for being such a big part of my life, I wish I could meet you. That is my biggest dream in life. I love you Shane.
  • I think the pandemic taught us ALL to slow down and reevaluate what’s important. Sometimes peace and happiness is so much more valuable than a 20mil house and fame. I’m proud of Jeffery