Phil In The Blanks #21 - Ron White

Published 2019-05-28
Comedian Ron White White shares his earliest memory, his experience in the military, and stories from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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  • @user-yf1fe7ei7n
    Ron White and Dr. Phil are just a couple of regular guys who found well deserved success, I’ve always liked these guys, I hope they’re around for many years to come
  • @logancarter2134
    Real men do cry when it's worth crying about. I've gained A LOT of RESPECT for Mr. Ron White AND Dr. Phil watching this.
  • I have always been a Ron White fan but this interview just made me love and respect him even more. Thank you Ron for all the laughs and here's to many more
  • @scottonandrew
    Ron White is a great comedian, but he is also a great storyteller. I could hang out and listen to him all night long! Take care of yourself Ron, we want to keep you around for a long, long, time!
  • We all love this man,he is one of a kind ❤ Never change who you are Ron you are a special genuine person to the world.
  • I've always loved Ron Whites comedy. Didn't realize he helped veterans. That's awesome. Great interview. Dr. Phil is more human than I thought.
  • @FlyGuy457
    I respect a man who works hard, is a friend to the end and isn't afraid to shed a tear when he needs to. Good stuff.
  • @marywales5716
    I don't often listen for this length of time to ANYTHING, but this just made my heart happy. Ron White, you deserve all the good things life has to offer. Blessings!
  • Got Goosebumps listening to Doc mentioning Steve & his statement of living the Life while being terminal . 10 years of living it up with his buddy Ron!
  • @ericsoesbe3004
    What I find remarkable is of this grouping of remarks, there is NOT one “Thumbs Down” 👎 in the bunch‼️ Ron White is the “real deal” and does not try to be “what he is not” ... a pretender or a phony. What you see is what you get, there is a real human in the frame. The comedy is raw but true to life and “down home”! He doesn’t run off and leave his audience and gives his crowd time to digest his “schtick” and to laugh!! He respects his craft and his crowd - he’s “Been there, done that”. Raw, real, life funny.
  • @okolepuka3376
    "I'm not you smart, I'm me smart." Absolute genius!!! LMAO!!!!
  • @Pandaluvr266
    Dear Ron & Phil, I loved this so much! Open, honest & raw truths. Thank you! 🙏
  • No matter how low and depressed I get a lot of times I might add this man who love to listen to ALWAYS PULLS ME OUT 🤠🤠 I love his work 💞💞 He is so humble 😍😍 Please keep it up 😊😊 I need you in my life 🧬🧬 Thank you Ron White 🤍🤍 for doing this for ME and everyone else out there !!!!!!!
  • @baharam98
    Dr. Phil look at Ron with so much attention and love. It's beautiful.
  • @denisjl100
    i saw a lot of ron white but i never saw him emotional. he is as genuine as they come.
  • Great interview. So nice to see and hear the human side of Ron White.
  • This touched me in many ways better to not be spoken of here. The sincerity and obvious love and respect you guys share brought back a very sad moment in time for me, but as Ron did, we smiled through the tears. Thank you both...
  • @MrXerxes415
    Ron is absolutely the best human being on the planet! Must see.
  • This way a really great heartfelt conversation between really great friends. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it.